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    Kenting National Park

    Located at Tanzihwan, Kenting National Park Headquarters consists of the Administration Department and the Visitor’s Center. The Administration Department is responsible for the management of the Park, and the Visitor’s Center provides inquiry services, video presentations, guided tours, and exhibitions.

    Tours of Las Vegas

    Tours Below Depart From The McCarran Executive Terminal in Las Vegas, Nevada and Exclusively Feature Luxurious A-Star Jetcopters.

    Jhihben Hot Springs

    Jhihben is located in Taidong County's Beinan Township. In 1917, the indigenous Puyuma tribe dug part of the riverbed here in preparation for planting crops. Steam continued to rise up from where they had dug. They bathed in this water and found that it was for helpful for relieving various skin disorders.The Jhihben Hot Springs are alkali carbonate hot springs. Frequent bathing in these waters helps to soften cuticles and calluses, moisturize skin, reduce inflammation and eliminate scars.

    Helicopter Tours Departing From Grand Canyon

    Tours Below Depart From Our State-of-the-Art Heliport Conveniently Located on Highway 64 at the North Entrance of Grand Canyon Nat'l Park Airport at South Rim.

    Yilan is a veritable wonderland of mountains and waters, the generous residents of the Lanyang Plain has bubbling springs that extend down along the luxuriant scenery. There is a marvelous waterfall and snow is known to fall at the tops of Taiping Mountain from

    time to time. The warm springs are celebrated by the locals and complement the warm-spirited nature of the residents.


    With our heart and soul welcome to Kinmen National Park. Here, historical and cultural sites are well preserved, such as traditional villages and south of mainland china's Fujian Province type houses, making this national park well worth a visit. There is also a good variety of bird species, and scenes of large numbers of birds congregated together are sure to impress you. In addition, there are battlefield monuments to visit.

      Of course our major concern is your satisfaction with this park's services. Therefore, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome

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    裡面有台灣各縣市 sightseeing and attractions

    包括how to get there, national scenic area,forest pleasure ground, amusement park,

    farm/scenery, general information, museum/gallery, heritage/temple, beaches/islands等,


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  • 2 decades ago

    For taking 玉山 as example,

    1. 先講1930年代第一個日本人爬玉山之後講的話

    During the 1930s, Japanese natu-ralist Kano Tadao, who had traveled extensively throughout Taiwan, said, "The Yushan area has the mountains and inhabitants with the most native Taiwanese character.

    2. 便利的中橫& 登山步道修整完之後, 對玉山的親近又更近了一步

    With the opening of the New Cross-Island Highway 13 years ago, as well as the renovation and expansion of hiking trails within Taiwan's national parks, Yushan-Taiwan's highest mountain-became relatively more accessible to the general public compared with others of Taiwan's "100 great peaks

    3. 形容一下, 大致看到了甚麼狀麗的景緻

    Look over there. A magnificent and auspicious blue view has appeared in the heavens. Thus embellished, that row of bare precipices from Yushan's main summit to its eastern peak at that moment is like a rainbow, reflecting a dazzling auburn light.

    4. 再形容一下玉山的美, 彷彿呼應了當時第一個日本人造訪時的觀察

    The creases on the mountain walls gently project a restrained cobalt blue." So does Kano Tadao describe, in his naturalist classic Mountains, Clouds and Barbarians, the powerful impressions made on the senses by Yushan's splendid and unusual sights.

    5. 無怪乎大家登頂的心情, 就和Kano Tadao一樣

    No doubt many of those who have reached Yushan's summit can empathize with Kano Tadao's indescribable awe at the majestic scene

    6. 攀上極頂, 極目四望, 人生之樂莫不在此刻

    Standing on the mountain's peak, one sees extending in every direction the peaks surrounding Yushan, one after another piercing a sea of clouds. Seeming to go on forever, how could the scene not inspire awe?


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