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羅浮宮﹝MUSEE DU LOUVRE﹞建於12世紀,收藏品多達三十萬件,收藏品分為幾個大方向:古東方、古埃及、古希臘和古羅馬文物、雕刻、繪畫、素描及工藝品。所以建議您若想要仔細參觀你可以選擇一個館別,仔細參觀,可避免走馬看花,而毫無所獲。此建築是華裔建築師─貝聿銘所設計,外形為透明金字塔狀。 在羅浮宮中有三件寶物:米羅的維納斯、勝利女神和蒙娜麗莎的微笑。




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    The Musee Du Louvre was set up in 12 centuries. There are amount of 300,000 collections in the Louvre. These collections can be dividing into some assortments: ancient East, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and Roman* cultural objections, carvings, paintings, sketches, and handicraft products. If you want to visit the Louvre clearly, I suggest you can choose an annex to look something carefully that can avoid examining hurriedly and learning or getting nothing. This building was a Chinese architect, whose name is Bei Lui Ming, designed. The shape of the building is a crystalline pyramid. In the Louvre, there are three treasures: Venus de Milo, Victoria, and Mona Lisa's smile.

    裡面文法可能有錯,因為你急著要,時間不夠,不然應該可以翻的更好一點,還有,蒙娜麗莎的微笑我不確定翻的對不對= =|||,抱歉唷~"~!!希望這對你有幫助,加油吧!!

    *Roman本身就有古羅馬的意思,可以不用在寫ancient ^ ^~*

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    The Louvre MUSEE DU LOUVRE is built in the 12th century, the collection reaches 300,000, the collection is divided into several general orientations: Ancient eastern , ancient Egypt , ancient Greece and ancient historical relic , carve , the painting , sketch and handicraft of Rome. So propose you if want to visit you carefully and can choose a hall to leave , visit carefully , can avoid making only a cursory investigation of some situation , but does not obtain at all. This building is an architect of Chinese origin - The shellfish is engraved and designed in Yu, the appearance is transparent Pyramid form . Three treasures of the Louvre: Venus , the Lady of Victory of Miro cover with Na smile , jasmine of Sa.

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