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    This research uses the Fishbein behavior intention pattern, analyzes four big cart yards (Ford, abundant is prosperous, Chinese, Toyota 1500c.c. To 1600c.c. The vehicle funds) the user and has the wish buyer, to buys the vehicle hour whether can consider the family member, the friend or colleague's appraisal and the view, so as to understood the consumer expects to the automobile various attribute importance and the reference community obeys appraisal the wish, enters comparison of the driving inter-species each observation variable. This research affiliation by asked the volume provides by the collection consumer purchases the intention information, the use structure equation analysis, the real diagnosis conclusion picks states as follows: The whole says in four vehicles inter-species, importances of place seven attributes in order for the vehicle type outward appearance, the price, not the easy breakdown, province greasiness, the post-sale service to serve, to extend, the security moderately. To refers to the community to obey place the wish for the family member, the friend and the colleague, therefore family member for affects the consumer to buy the vehicle intention the major effect community.

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