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    We are ××’s authorized company in shoe division, Taiwan, and we want to develop local market with your company. We mailed the design which passed our inspection. If you are interested in our product, be sure to contact me. We will give you the price before license fee, and we’ll provide you with authorized mark. Let us bring xx up together and minimize R&D cost. Hope that we can cooperate in the future. Thank you for your time.

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    R&D cost是指開發成本啦...

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    最佳解答似乎翻譯得很專業ㄟ...猴塞雷啊...不過R&D cost是指什麼啊?

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    We are Taiwanese xx brands at the shoes authorization business.Want to cooperate with your company to develop the local market.We give you the design diagram 槁 mail that have already passed to examine to do the reference.If you are interested in our product.Welcome and contact with me and don't use polite.We will report not the price with the authorization gold to give you.Authorization the mark is provided by your company.Let us the common development xx brand.Economical development cost.The opportunity to hope is able to cooperate with your company.Very thankful...

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