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從你眼睛看著自己 最幸福的倒影

握在手心的默契 是明天的指引

無論是遠近 什麼世紀 在天堂擁抱 或荒野流離

我愛你我敢去 未知的任何命運

我愛你我願意 准你來跋扈地決定 世界邊境

偶爾我真的不懂你 又有誰真懂自己

往往兩個人多親密 是透過傷害來證明

像焦慮不安我就任性 怕洩漏你怕 所以你生氣

我愛你讓我聽 你的疲憊和恐懼

我愛你我想親 你倔強到極限的心

我撐起所有愛 圍成風雨的禁地

擋狂風豪雨 想讓你喘口氣

被劃破的信心 需要時間痊癒

夢想纏著懷疑 未來看不清

就緊緊的擁抱 去傳遞能量和勇氣

我愛你 我愛你我想去


我愛你讓我聽 你的疲憊和恐懼

我愛你我想親 你倔強到極限的心

哪裡都一起去 一起仰望星星

一起走出森林 一起品嘗回憶

一起誤會妒忌 一起雨過天晴

一起更懂自己 一起找到意義

我愛你 我不要沒有你

我不能沒有你 絕不能沒有你

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    See the most happy reflection on water in oneself from your eyes

    The tacit understanding that holds the in hand heart is the guide line of tomorrow

    Is far near no matter what century be embracing each other heaven or the wilderness lives life of refugee

    I love you, I dare unknown and any destiny

    I love you, I would like to allow you to come to decide the world frontier domineeringly

    Occasionally who I really do not understand you to have again to really understand the oneself

    Usually two persons are much intimate to prove through the injury

    Be like the worry anxiously uneasy I fear to leak you to fear for the self-will so you get angry

    I love you to let me hear your exhausted with fear

    I love you, I think in person you to are obstinate to go to the heart of the extreme limit

    I support to rise the forbidden ground that all loves round to become common practice rain

    Blocking the storm pouring rain wants to let you to breathe heavily the tone

    BE been completely recovered by the confidence demand time of the laceration

    The dream tie up the doubt to will see not pure in the future

    Deliver the energy and courage for the tightly tight embrace

    I love you, I love you, I want to go

    Unknown and any destiny

    I love you to let me hear your exhausted with fear

    I love you, I think in person you to are obstinate to go to the heart of the extreme limit

    Where all go together to look up at the stars together

    Come out the forest together to taste the recollection together

    Misunderstood to envy rain to lead the it is clear together

    Understand the oneself together and more to find out the meaning together

    I love you, I do not have no you

    My can't being without you can in no way have no you

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    『無論是遠近 什麼世紀』

    翻成"No matter near or far, any century"會比較漂亮!

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    從你眼睛看著自己 最幸福的倒影

    Through your eyes, I see the reflection of utmost happiness

    握在手心的默契 是明天的指引

    With grasp of consensus in my hand, it's direction toward tomorrow

    無論是遠近 什麼世紀 在天堂擁抱 或荒野流離

    Anywhere or anytime, we both may hundle in the heavn or wander in the wildness

    我愛你我敢去 未知的任何命運

    I love you, so I dare to challenge the future

    我愛你我願意 准你來跋扈地決定 世界邊境

    I love you, so I allow you to determine the board of the world.


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