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Anonymous asked in 藝術與人文歷史 · 2 decades ago

在追加1封 香港飲食文化的翻譯 謝謝^^”





香港用餐有些相當特殊的地方,比如上茶樓「飲茶」和吃點心是普遍香港人日常的生活習慣,香港人飲茶時有個有趣的習慣,在為別人添茶時對方會以手指敲桌面以示感謝,這習慣據說是與清朝的一位皇帝有關:有一次皇帝微服出巡在茶館裡,他為一位侍從添茶,侍從理應叩頭,但 為免叩頭會令皇帝身份被識破,他便以手指敲桌以示回禮,流傳開來 , 便成為一有趣習俗。而不論你去任何種等級的中菜館,喝茶是吃中菜的 一大特色,侍從在你甫進門坐下,便會送來一壺香茶和濕毛巾,若上潮州館,侍從會以小杯奉上功夫茶供客人飲用,可助消化

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    2 decades ago
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    Tea restaurant

    Tea restaurant is the second of the 20th century, a kind of peculiar diet place in Hong Kong that began development in the thirties. It is that Hong Kong, as the colony of Britain, the result Occidentalized and Globalized in life. As a kind of Western-style restaurant, there is a difference between the forms of food, service which it supplies, diet place of the Chinese style with the teahouse tavern, etc. of equipment of the shop. The typical tea restaurant , there is a glass cupboard that shows Western-style food , such as cake ,etc. at the gate , there are card flats by the wall in the shop, the drink and food supplied, all imitate and eat the shop Western-style such as the fried eggs , many persons. And coffee, cold (Ceylon) black tea, Italian noodle of the west, etc. of sandalwood island (Hawaii) enumerated in the meal card, have reflected the reality of the Hong Kong internationalization. But tea restaurant and restaurant are different, the food has often added the Chinese style element, the taste is also the localization, the drink is such as ' the mandarin duck ', adzuki beans ice, food if egg flog, the universe fry beef Italy powder , roast pork meal wrap up , can be said form person that Midwest exchange. The restaurant predecessor of tea iced the drawing room, did the business from morning to afternoon specially originally. The specialty of tea restaurant , namely the tea with milk , coffee or mandarin duck mix ' the egg is flogged ' or ' the pineapple oil ', all unique table delicacies in Hong Kong. It last A meal in on the morning at tea for restaurant (will certainly be for ham powder not coherent nearly, fry pairs of egg of), reading the tabloid horse gambling comment; Steal one one minute so idle that tea restaurant reach with colleague afternoon, or criticize the social phenomenon , or pry into the box news. Tea restaurant lie in the residential area more, the guest is a nearby neighbors; as time passes, the relation between guest and partner looks like the tough friend, tea restaurant becomes gathering the foot ground of the neighbors. It has offered the place, environment to transmit news while making the left neighbor known well right, exchange the suggestion, form social people's ideology virtually. "Block C on the 18th floors" of macrobiotic radio play of Commercial Radio just takes tea restaurant as the background, through boss' dialogue with customer, satirizes the current social maladies. The new-type tea restaurant combines the strong points of the big brand shelf, fast food restaurant and wine shop, food kind pluralism, early the supper is all-embracing noon. Go out of Hong Kong even more in concept of tea restaurant, develop in the other places, become the new sign of representative's Hong Kong cooking culture.

    ‘The drink tea’

    Hong Kong has some quite special places to have a dinner for ' drink tea ', it is the general Hong Kong people's daily habits and customs for example go to the teahouse ' the drink tea ' and eat the pastry, an interesting habit occasionally of Hong Kong people's drink tea, the other side will strike the tabletop in order to show the thanks with the finger when add tea for others, this habit is allegedly to relate to an emperor in Qing Dynasty: There is emperor's tour of inspection in incognito of once in the tea house, he adds tea for an attendant , the attendant ought to kowtow , but will make emperor's identity penetrated in order to avoid kowtowing, he strikes the desk by showing and returning a salute with the finger, spread, become an interesting custom. And no matter you go to the restaurant in any kind of grade, it is a great characteristic of eating the Chinese food to drink tea, attendant enter door sit down, can send one pot fragrant tea and wet towel here just in you, if go to the hall of Chaozhou, the attendant will offer the congou and support guests to drink with the small cup , can help and digest.


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