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so far so good可以用在哪些地方?

想知道它的用途?請知道的大大告訴我 ^^ thx

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    so far so good 到目前為止一切順利

    如果有人問你.. 最近如何啊?! 或是... 大學(等...)上的如何啊?!

    你就可以回答... so far so good.......


    Asked about his success at college, he replied, "So far so good."


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    2 decades ago

    我 會覺得這句話是用再失去某事情的情況exHow are you holding on after Tom died?So far so good.Are you getting used to a divorced life?So far so good.How are you feeling after the breast surgery?So far so good.Are you OK after you broke up with him?So far so good.

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