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    I am an optimism person. Because I never give up when I encounter the difficulty. My interest is widespread including reading, painting, swimming, and playing basketball.I depend on these activities to reduce the pressure.I usually chat with my family and friends.It is very harmonious. I also frequently the warm participation school activity. Although short introduces myself cannot let everybody completely understand me. But it is worth to belive my will and sincere.

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    I am open and bright moreover man of optimism Because own do not concede the individuality lets me in encounter time the difficulty instead can even more diligently My interest is widespread Happy watches the book to paint pictures plays the basketball as well as the swimming I all depend on these activities to reduce the pressure Is completely amiable because of the individuality Usually is together with the family member as well as the friend very is all harmonious Also frequently the warm participation school manages activity Although short introduces oneself cannot let everybody completely understand me But I am sincere as well as the will am am worth believing

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