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中翻英 史努比……

史努比世界知名犬,誕生於「戴依茲.席爾」狗園。運動萬能,興趣是寫小說。喜歡吃比薩.餅干及冰淇淋,可說是隻不太像狗的小獵犬,他總是端坐在狗屋的屋 頂上,不斷的幻想,變成各式各樣的化身,有時變成律師.運動選手.酷哥喬,有時又變成第一次世界大戰的英雄,有的時候又變成名外科醫師,雖然會參與許多事情,但基本中還是陶醉在自我的世界裡。雖然它的主人是查理布朗,但是SNOOPY老記不住他的名字。他最討厭的是隔壁的貓。還喜歡搶奈勒斯的毛毯。

Woodstock是隻要它立刻飛起來幾乎不可能的奇怪鳥,常常會忘記要飛回故鄉的候鳥,它是史努比最忠實的秘書,也是最好的朋友,而它說的話也只有史努比一人聽得懂。常常在SNOOPY的餐盤裡泡澡,或與SNOOPY大玩冰球, 只有史努比可以理解Woodstock的話,但從牠喜愛玩笑可看出其淘氣的個性。



Although its master is Charlie Braun, but SNOOPY always "remember" his name.


是老"記不住" 而不是記得住


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    SNOOPY the world well-known dog, is born to "Dai Itzu Mat you "dog garden. Movement multi-purpose, the interest writes the novel. Likes eating Pisa The biscuit and the ice cream, may say only not too likes dog's terrier, he always sits well in on the dog room roof, the unceasing fantasy, turns all kinds of incarnation, sometimes turns attorney Movement contestant Cruel elder brother tall, sometimes turns the First World War hero, some times turn famous surgeon, although can participate in many matters, but is basic or is infatuated with in the self- world. Although its master is Charlie Braun, but SNOOPY always remembers his name. What he is most repugnant is the next door cat. Also likes snatches 奈 勒斯 the wool blanket. Woodstock is so long as it flies immediately nearly not the impossible wonderful a queer bird, frequently can forget the summary to fly the hometown migratory bird, it is Shi Nupi the most faithful secretary, also is the best friend, but it said the speech also only has Shi Nupi a person to hear. Frequently in SNOOPY meal in the plate 泡澡, or greatly plays the ice hockey with SNOOPY, only has Shi Nupi to be allowed to understand Woodstock the speech, but likes the joke from it to be worthy of looking at its mischievous individuality.

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    第三號才是正確的, 其他的都是網路上亂翻譯的.

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    The more well-known than world dog of the history 努 ,was born in"wear to depend on.A 爾 "dog park.The exercise is all-powerful,the interest is to compose the novel.Like to eat the Pisa.The biscuit and ice-cream,can be treated as a small hunting dog for ising not liking the dog,he always sits upright the house in kennel to take over,continuous imagination,become various incarnationses,sometimes become the lawyer.Athlete.Cool elder brother Joe,sometimes become the hero of the World War I again,the sometime becomes a surgery doctor again,although will participate many thingses, basic win to still infatuate with in ego of world.Although its host check to manage Brown,the SNOOPY is old and record and do not live his name.He the neighboring cat is most disgusting.Still like to rob the woolen blanket of the 奈勒斯 .

    The Woodstock is a strange bird for wanting it to fly immediately almost and impossibly,usually will forget to to fly the migratory bird of returning the home town,it is the history 努 to compare the most faithful secretary,is also a best friend,and what it say also only have the history 努 to compare one person to hear understand.Usually take a bath in SNOOPY dinner plate,or play the ice hockey with SNOOPY greatly, only having the history 努's comparing can comprehend the Woodstock words,but like the fun and can see its naughty character from it

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