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英文 Be動詞+形容詞 of 有哪些?

Be動詞+形容詞 of 有哪些


EX. be afraid of


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    Favorite Answer accused of 被控告 afraid/terrified/frightened of 害怕 full of 充滿 ashamed of 感到羞恥 aware/conscious/sesible/cognizant of 知道=know fare of 赤裸 blind of 瞎 capable of 能夠 careful of 小心注意.. characteristic of 有...之特色 composed of=be made of 包含=consist of confident of 對...有信心 considerate/thoughtful of 體貼 convinced of 確信 concovetous of 貪婪 deprived of 被剝奪 desirous of 想要 disappointed of 感到失望+(得不到之物)

    *with感到失望+(人)/at+(所見所聞)/in+(已得到之物)* fond of 喜歡 tired of=be sick of=be weary of 討厭 free of 免於... frugal/economical/thrifty of 節儉 guilty of 有罪 ignorant of 不知道 independent of 獨立 innocent of 缺乏;無.. jealous of (1)忌妒(2)盡心保護 lacking/wanting of 缺乏 observant of 服從 possessed of 有... proud of 乙...為傲 reminiscent/suggestive of使..聯想到 scornful of=look down upon 輕視 true of 對...是同樣的 well off=be rich 富有的 badly off=be poor 窮困的 worthy of 值得

    Source(s): 郭立全民英檢-整合英文系列2
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