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    Masquerade這首歌魅影並沒有唱喔!他只是最後講了一句話而已。魅影在唐璜演出時和克莉絲汀唱的歌曲是:"The Point of No Return".The Point of No Return-Chandelier


    Passarino - go away!

    For the trap is set and waits for its prey!

    You have come here in pursuit of

    your deepest urge,

    in pursuit of that wish,

    which till now has been silent,

    slient ...

    I have brought you,

    that our passions may fuse and merge -

    in your mind you've already succumbed to me,

    dropped all defences,

    completely succumbed to me -

    now you are here with me:

    no second thoughts, you've decided,

    decided ...

    Past the point of no return -

    no backward glances:

    the games we've played till now are at an end ...

    Past all thought of "if" or "when" -

    no use resisting:

    abandon thought, and let the dream descend ...

    What raging fire shall flood the soul?

    What rich desire unlocks its door?

    What sweet seduction lies before us ...?

    Past the point of no return,

    the final threshold -

    what warm, unspoken secrets will we learn?

    Beyond the point of no return ...


    You have brought me to that moment

    where words run dry,

    to that moment where speech disappears into silence,

    silence ...

    I have come here,

    hardly knowing the reason why ...

    In my mind, I've already

    imagined our bodies entwining, defenceless and silent -

    and now I am here with you:

    no second thoughts, I've decided,

    decided ..

    Past the point of no return -

    no going back now:

    our passion-play has now, at last, begun ...

    Past all thought of right or wrong -

    one final question:

    how long should we two wait, before we're one ...?

    When will the blood begin to race,

    the sleeping bud burst into bloom?

    When will the flames, at last, consume us ...?


    Past the point of no return,

    the final threshold -

    the bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn ...

    We've passed the point of no return ...


    Say you'll share with me one

    love, one lifetime ...

    Lead me, save me from my solitude ...

    Say you want me with you, here beside you ...

    Anywhere you go let me go too -

    Christine, that's all I ask of ...


    What's is it? What has happened? Ubaldo!


    Oh, my God ... my God ...


    We're ruined, Andre - ruined!


    Monsieur le Vicomte! Come with me!


    Oh, my darling, my darling ...

    who has done this ...?

    You! Why did you let this happen?


    Monsieur le Vicomte, I know where they are.


    But can I trust you?


    You must. But remember:

    your hand at the level of your eyes!


    But why ...?


    Why? The Punjab lasso, monsieur.

    First Buquet. Now Piangi.


    Like this, monsieur. I'll come with you.


    No, Meg! No, you stay here!

    Come with me, monsieur.

    Hurry, or we shall be too late ...


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    另一首叫The Point Of No Return

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