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英翻中 two degrees是什麼意思呢?

the third degreecareful questioning, on the carpet If I'm late, I get the third degree. Mom asks me a lot of questions. 上面是the third degree的意思 那 two degrees 呢????


Here I am a year later and now I know for sure that I am a mistake. In the last year I have lost my 23 year marriage and lost two good jobs. I am now living with my mother and have to depend on the kindness of my friends and family for money. I have two degrees and still can't do anything right.

Update 2:

上面的補充問題 是原來從心理專欄裡面的句子 作者述說自己的不幸 想自殺等等 我想應該是和 the third degree有關係的用法

Update 3:

感謝 打呼女王大大 和 Rookie 大大的回覆 (Wow, 好詳盡的回覆喔 太感動了)

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    打呼女王已經把意思解釋得很完整了, 我個人也是把這個意思死記起來, 反正就是這個意思. 可是它的起源是什麼呢? 以下內容並非有意掠美, 竊以為提問者會有這樣的疑問可能會有興趣知道, 提出來和大家分享, 請樓上打呼女王多多包涵.

    “the third degree”的字面意思是”第三度”, 擺明了後面是省略了一個名詞, 可省略的是什麼呢? 我第一個想到的是”murder謀殺”, 因為被逼供就好像是到攻擊, 攻擊聯想到謀殺. 可是刑責最重的”蓄意殺人”是 first-degree murder, third-degree murder反而是最輕的, 所以不對.

    “灼傷”!!! 逼供造成傷害, 灼傷也造成傷害, 而且 third-degree burns 的確是最嚴重的, 心想這個有可能, 再有佐證支持就可以了. 可是一查之下發現完全不是這麼一回事...Orz...原來這個講法是起源於共濟會.

    共濟會(Freemasonry, 成員叫做 Freemasons, 簡稱 Masons)的起源時間據說是在中世紀, 是歐洲的一種帶烏托邦性質的宗教團體,宣揚博愛的思想,及美德精神。追尋人類生存的意義,號召建立和平理想的國家。這個組織的成員被分成三個等級:

    1. Entered Apprentice

    2. Fellow Craft

    3. Master Mason

    如果想要當上最高等級的 Master Mason / Third-degree Mason 的話, 就要接受一連串嚴苛的測試與訊問, 以求這些高位者的思想能融會貫通, 後來便把這樣的情形轉化成用來描述逼供的狀況.

    下面是網上錄的兩則說明, 有興趣可以參考, 若有人知道別的出典也請不吝提供

    The Third Degree

    If you watch television shows with court scenes or police officers, then you are probably familiar with what it means to give someone the "third degree."

    As the idiom is used today, it means to intensively drill someone with questions. For example, police might give the third degree to suspects. Parents might give the third degree to their children. Or managers might give the third degree to their employees.

    This expression is used commonly. So where did it originate? We get the "third degree" from the Freemasons. Although much of what happens within the organization is concealed, it is said that the highest degree a member can achieve as a Mason is the third degree.

    Those who are familiar with this esoteric organization know that acquiring this level of degree is a prerequisite to achieving Master Mason status. To achieve this, an individual must persevere through rigorous testing and grueling questions that measure intelligence and skill. Considering the demanding nature of this process, we currently associate this saying with any situation where excessive questioning is used.

    As a TLC rule of communication, remember to ask only one question at a time. Await an answer, then, if necessary, ask another question. Also, pause before asking another question. This can make you sound less controlling and more conversational. Unless an individual is striving to become a Master Mason, they might find it difficult to answer a series of extremely difficult questions. Avoid giving the third degree by applying some TLC!


    The third degree

    This phrase origin can be found within the Masonic Lodge. Within the lodge there are 3 degrees; the Entered Apprentice, the Fellowcraft and the Master Mason. To become a Third-Degree or Master Mason, the highest rank, one must submit to questioning. The Mason's questioning for the third-degree was known to be an intense ordeal, frightening and unpleasant. Additionally, it is more physically challenging that the first two degrees. The term has come to be used for any long an arduous questioning or interrogation.

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    唉唷! Cats I love 你早點把它的前後文貼出來嘛! 這邊的2 degrees是指"兩個學位", 是口語常見的用法. 這個人是在感慨自己是高級知識份子,人生卻是一敗塗地. 和the third degree一點關係都沒有.(希望你會回來看到這個.)

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    the third degree是個慣用語

    意思是: "逼供;疲勞訊問;拷問"

    If I'm late, I get the third degree. Mom asks me a lot of questions.



    two degrees 英文沒有這樣用的,如果硬要解釋,是"第二度"的意思

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