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Generally, sudden and unexpected death is linked with long lasting and high levels of distress, especially if it is associated with violence, suicide, or substance misuse. Cardiovascular disease is the most common canse of sudden death, but in this case a modifying factor may be the timeliness of the death. The sudden death of an elderly person who has lived a full life is generally more acceptable than the death of a young person in a road traffic accident.

In palliative care few deaths are sudden or unexpected to professionals, but it is important to remember that bereaved friends and relatives may have a different view. For informal carers, the strain of caring for a terminally ill person for longer than six months is associated with an increased risk of poor outcome.

People from minority cultural or ethnic groups may experience problems if , at the time of a death, they are not able to follow the rituals and customs they tingk appropriate.

Deaths carrying a stigma, such as deaths from AIDS or suicide, or deaths for which the bereaved carries some responsibility also bring a higher risk of poor outcome.

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    如果被普通,突然,並且,不預期的死被持續性高(貴)的水平的苦惱鏈接,特別那個關聯著暴力,自殺,或物質誤用。 心血管疾病是sadondesu的最一般的canse,不過,這個情況,變異因子說不定死適時。 對普通,完成了安然死去的老人的sadondesu自道路交通事故能放,年輕的人的死能容許。

    對專家來說,一點點的死,在緩和劑的注意中,突然,或不被預期,不過,說不定死別了的友人和親屬有不同的視點記的重要。 對非正式的家庭服務員來說,保護比6個月長的間末期患者的緊張貧窮的結果增加的風險關聯著。



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