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    以下是第一次世界大戰所使用的航空器及設施的連結請自行參閱ALLIED AIRCRAFT AND EQUIPMENT SE-5 Neuport 28 SPAD XIII Handley-Page bomber Sopwith Pup Spad VII SE-5 BE-2C reconnaissance bomber Three 5,000 cubic feet Nurse Balloons in Hangar. Fort Sill, Oklahoma, May 1, 1918 Training accident: allied plane crashed through the roof of a bakery Personnel, 3d Motor Mechanics-1st Air Depot, Colombey, France, circa 1918 First Air Depot-Process of repairing damaged planes. Colombey, France, circa 1918 Crash truck driven by Cpl Louis Zwieback, 179th Aero Sqdn, Brooks Field, TX - Ed Zwieback Armoured car of a French dirigible Aerial view of a French airbase near Verdun Salmson observation plane going over German lines under escort American airfield at Issoudon, France Aerial view of US Naval Air Station at Brest, France Breguet bomber in flight Reconnaisance camera attached to the side of a British plane British airships Zero and Parseval British plane dropping torpedo British dirigible R27 Hydrogen gas cylinders for inflating balloons British airships in their shed British balloonist "bailing out" British plane wrecked in a tree Loading bombs onto a Handley-Page bomber French anti-aircraft gun Parachute flare dropped from aircraft Air raid siren

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