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    2 decades ago
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    Convenient store is 24 hours, high-way payment station is 24 hours, but since when even the fruits stores open 24 hours? As a result, nocturnal people and those who work in later hours can enjoy fruits as well. Especial local main fruits, such as peach, lemon, banana, plum, cherry, mango, pear, kiwi, peraimmon, and guava, are all provided.

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  • 2 decades ago

    Supermarkets open 24 hours, the fee-charge stations on the highways open 24 hours. Not long ago, even some fruit booths open 24 hours as well. Because of that, people who are living the night lives or who are working late can all enjoy fruits. There are all kins of fruits available, especially the ones that are produced local, such as peach, lemon, plum, cherry, mongo, pear, kiwi, peraimmon and guava...etc.

    Source(s): me in NL
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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Ultra trade is 24 hours, the charge station of the expressway has 24 hours, before long , even have the one that open in 24 hours to sell the fruit. So if someone is passing the night life, or working time is later, can enjoy the fruit. Especially here abounds with various types of fruit: For example: Peach (peach), lemon (lemon), banana, plum (plum ) , cherry (cherry ) , mango (mango ) , Western pear (pear ) , strange fruit (kiwi ) , persimmon (peraimmon ) , guava (guava) ¡­Wait , is fill with everything.

    Source(s): 翻譯軟體
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