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    It's not my day today.  First of all, I was barked by a black dog when I opened my door in the morning.  I disliked that dog but couldn't do anything at all but ran away as possible as I could.  And then, when I went to see my doctor, I felt embarrassed because I found my faces were dirty when I ran away from the dog.  At last, when I arrived at my school and drew out the drawer just to find my 500 dollars was gone.  What a bad day for me.  I cannot help but go to the dock to take a boat to ease all my feelings today.  Just at that moment, I bumped into a diplomat....1.有些字不得已用了過去式與複數2. 十個字都用到了

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    I went to see the doctor today because I was bit by a dirty dog in front of the school. I felt painful and hardly to walk. When I arrived to the clinic, I saw there was a drawing on the clinic's door. The drawing is so colorful and disliked to normal painting. It made me felt so relax and forgot the painful feeling. After I paid fifty dollars to the nurse, I sill stayed in the clinic to admire that drawing for five minutes.

    Source(s): 自己... 文法和拼字就請你自己作檢查咯~
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    4.What did you do this morning?[你今天早上在做什麼?]

    7.There is a dog near the tree.[有一隻狗在樹旁邊]


    2005-04-02 19:35:00 補充: 你能到這裡查一查

    Source(s): 我ㄉ記憶and補習班課本
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