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chessy , gossip folks 其他歌名的意思?

小弟聽了西洋歌都快3年,但還有好多歌名不懂,希望大家幫幫我 :}


gossip folks

high post brotha

slowly surely

sadiddy (字典沒@_@)

a long walk(Groove)

pass that dutch (通過渠道?)

headsprung (水源 還是 頭暈 ?)

watcha gon go 全寫是?

you put a move on my heart

officially missing you (定期想起你?)

get your freak on

rolling through the hood (甜蜜期過後發生的事?)

hood up ( make up?)

holding on to love (什麼不能 holding on love ?)

tippy toe

dip it low

other side of the game (遊戲另一面)

thang (thing?)

strict machine (嚴謹機器?)

ex-factor (當時人?)

Doo Wop

I have to keep pressing on (應該不是指按掣, 是講生活的)

we need a resolution

what if

read between the lines

I am in between the lines (什麼意思? 為什麼不能 I am between the line?)

where is the line between?

Hit 'em Up Style(Oops!)

world looking in

hit the freeway (撞到高速公路?)

against all odds

bedtime story

rain on me

family affair

the place of two mind

hit on

庥煩大家幫幫小弟 :}

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    cheesy = 老套的, 傻氣的

    high post brotha = high post = (高職位) brotha= (黑人對彼此的稱呼)

    sadiddy - 不是一個字

    a long walk (groove) = 散步散很久﹐ groove = 跟著音樂擺動

    watch gon go - 我想你寫錯了吧 - watcha gonna do = 你會怎麼做﹖

    you put a move on my heart = 你讓我心動

    officially missing you = 我是正式的掛念你了

    get your freak on = 真的沒有太大意識﹐在missy elliot的歌裡的意思是叫你跳舞/動起來

    rolling through the hood = 走遍 (hood = neighborhood = 住的那一區)

    hood up - 是錯的﹐ 應該是 hook up = 兩個人聚在一起 (通常是比較一夜情的感覺)

    tippy toe = 墊著腳/悄悄地走路

    other side of the game = 游戲的另一方

    thang = thing

    ex-factor = 久情人

    i have to keep pressing on = 我要繼續堅持往前走

    we need a resolution = 我們需要一個果斷

    read between the lines = 是人家跟你說話裡面所含的秘密意思或是沒講得太白﹐可是你應可睬到的意思

    i am in between the lines , i am between the line - 文法和意思都一樣

    world looking in = 外界觀察著我或外界對我的看法

    hit the freeway = 開(車)上高速公路

    rain on me = 站在雨中﹐ 被雨淋

    family affair = 家中的事(和家人彼此之間的問題)

    hit on = 泡(妹)

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