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    拍 X光, 好让医生能够争端病人的身体状况。

    有最基本的 X 光和其他:

    如果在大医院, 很多时候需要派一两年的普通 X光, 才可以做以下的特修。

    1. Fluroscopy--〉食道

    use continuous X-ray to take quick pictures of the gastointestinal tract (食道). usually barium studies will be conducted. the patient will be asked to drink barium sulphate mixed with water or the barium will be allowed to flow into the large intestine, depending on whether we want to view the upper gastrointestinal tract or the lower tract.

    2. Angiography (cardioangiography + normal angiography)--〉血管

    the imaging of vessels using contrast agents (让血管亮起来的药物). to examine the vasculature, look out for abnormalities, aneuryms, narrowing( stenosis) (血管便窄,驻塞)

    3. 超音波扫描 , ultrasound

    make use of high frequency sound waves to create images. good because no radiation involved.

    usually used to scan the abdominal area, the thyrod, the uterus, breast, vessels and foetuses.

    4. MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) --〉肌肉,脂肪,关节

    use of magnetic waves to create images. good for imaging soft tissues. the body can be image sagittally, coronally, and in axial slices. 3D reconstruction can be done. contrast agents can be used.

    5. CT (Computed tomography) --〉骨,石头

    use of a series of X-rays to diagnose conditions. the body is virtually cut up into axial slices. 3D reconstruction can also be done. good for imaging bones, and calcifications in the body. contrasts agent may be used to light up the organs so that they are visible on the image.

    6. Nuclear medicine--〉指定器官如:肾脏

    use of radiopharmaceuticals to image certain organs. the radiopharmaceuticals are injected into the patient's body to make the organ "light up''.

    7. Endoscopy--〉小肠,肝脏, 尿道

    use of a scope with a laser beam to enter the patient's body to view the inner walls of the regions of interest, it can be therapeutic if the radiologist decides to extract stones found, especially in the male urethra.

    8. mammography--〉乳房 X 光检验

    use of low energy x-rays to create images of the breast.

    9. IVU (intravenous urologram) --〉尿道

    use a series of X-rays to examine the urinary system. contrast is used to light up the kidneys, ureters, and bladder.

    我们也会被分派到手术室去拍 X 光。

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