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instead of

請問要怎麼解釋instead of的用法及後面接的詞?

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    of 是介係詞所以 of 之後可接名詞或名詞片語或名詞子句1.接名詞I will give you a cup of coffee instead of tea.我會給您一杯咖啡,而非一杯茶2.接名詞片語I will tell you how to do it instead of what to do only.我會告訴您怎麼做,而非叫您做什麼而已3.接名詞子句I will lend what I think you need instead of what you ask for.我會借您我認為您所需要的,而非您所要求的

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    中譯: 代替


    例如: He will go instead of you.他將代你去

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