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有點難的商業中 翻 英 幫一下忙 3Q ((20點))

請幫忙一下翻一下下面這段話,要把(market growth) ( market segment) (market regmentation) ( market share) (market leader)這5個單字加進這裡面。如果有不夠資料,請告訴我,我再多加些資料,因為忙考試沒時間翻,真的感激不盡。


奇摩網站於1997年1月創立,三年多以來,他不僅成功打開奇摩站的品牌知名度,並積極推動網站生活化服務。市場成長率已倍數增加。消費年齡層佔的很廣,小的從小學生甚至幼稚園都有,大(老)的就更不用說了。雅虎持續提供消費者各項優質服務 例如1網路內容 :提供來自全球超過2000家行業佼佼者,例如新聞、旅遊、運動、遊戲和天氣等 2商業交易服務:舉凡購物、拍賣 3通訊交流服務:例如電子郵件4無所不在的雅虎:透過上網設備,消費者可以輕易的使用雅虎基本的、個人化、當地的服務和即時的資訊,同時雅虎也提供多種平台讓網友連結,包括行動電話 。




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    Kimo website has been established in Jan. 1997. For three years, it not only successfully publicized Kimo’s brand but also push for the life dependent of internet. Its market growth has been growing in a double rate. The market segment spread through out different ages of people. The youngest user can be kids from kindergarten, the oldest we don’t even have mention about it. Kimo constantly provided several of high quality services. First, in term of internet; it provided more than 2000 top businesses, such as, news, travel, sports, games, and weather. Second of all, trading services such as shopping and auction are provided. Thirdly, communication services such as e-mail. Last but not least is that Yahoo is the market leader. Through internet, consumer can easily use either basic or personalized, even the local services and instant information can all be provided by Yahoo through all kinds of link, including cell phone.

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