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請問哪裡有 英文的亞瑟王篇 呢



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    The Legend of King Arthur

    When Arthur was a baby, his father, King Pendragon, learned that someone was planning to kill the boy. So Pendragon gave Arthur to his friend Merlin the Magician to protect. Shortly thereafter, Pendragon himself was killed.

    Merlin then brought Arthur to a rich knight, and Arthur grew up thinking he was his father.

    It was a terrible time. The Roman Empire had fallen, and armies in every land were fighting.

    So the Archbishop of Canterbury called all the leading knights together in front of the cathedral. There, he showed them a large stone with a sword sticking out. On the stone was written, "Whoever pulls the sword from this stone will be the king of England.

    All the knights wanted to be king, and the biggest and strongest tried, but none could pull out the sword.

    Then young Arthur went to the stone. Everyone laughed at him, but Arthur slowly and easily pulled the sword out. Only then did Arthur learn of6 his true family.

    Right away, Arthur began to fight, and England became a safe place again. He then built a great castle called Camelot. In it, he put a great round table, a gift from Merlin.

    Then Arthur assembled the greatest knights of the land, and together, they became the Knights of the Round Table--all equals, since at a round table, no one had a superior seat.

    The knights went on many quests, and often fought and did good deeds. In one story, the knights could not eat at the table until they had told of a daring adventure.

    Their greatest quest, however, was the search for the Holy Grail--the cup that Jesus used at the Last Supper.

    On another adventure, Arthur's word was broken, and he went to a lake with Merlin. There, an arm came out of the water, holding a new sword. The Lady of the Lake, a spirit, was giving Arthur a new sword, called Excalibur, which he would later use to win many battles.

    Nevertheless, not all the legends are happy ones.

    In later stories, King Arthur marries a woman and they have a son together. Then he learns she is his half-sister. Infuriated, he orders the son, Mordred, killed, but the baby survives.

    In time, Arthur marries a princess named Guinevere. But Guinevere falls in love with Arthur's favorite knight, Sir Lancelot, and they have an affair. Mordred, now grown up, tells Arthur, and this is the beginning of the end.

    Arthur chases Lancelot to France, and Mordred steals his throne. Mordred also tries to steal Guinevere, but she resists.

    Arthur returns and a huge battle is fought. In the end, only Arthur and Mordred are still alive. Arthur finally kills Mordred, but as Mordred falls, he mortally wounds Arthur.

    Arthur is taken to the Island of Avalon, the land of heroes, where he dies. Excalibur is then thrown back into the lake.

    Some say Arthur, too, was put into the lake, to return sometime in the future, when England needs a new hero, a new king.

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