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    It was tentative when I first started due to my inexperience. However, after constant self-learning and the useful tips from senior co-workers, I have gained expertise as well as improved my communication and interaction skills. Now I am able to handle and resolve issues professionally.

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    When I first started using the Internet, I often got confused and overwhelmed with various programs. Then with the help of my experienced colleagues and my never-giving-up attitude towards learning, I have built up a strong knowledge to interact and communicate in the cyber space. Now I feel confident dealing with problems regarding to the Internet.

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    When I first started this job (上線online?), I confused all the time and don't knwo what to do. After some coaching from my senior co-workers and self-learning, I had built up some professional knowledge, better reaction to the situations and better communications. Now I can handle my job without any problem.

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