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有誰可以幫我翻譯Snow White這篇文章

我自己有查一些單字,單字懂了但是不會翻的很順,這篇文章是要拿來演話劇的,各為大大行行好吧! 我的國文造詣不好阿~ 英文也很破 >_<


Once upon a time in the middle of winter, when the flakes of snow were falling like feathers from the sky, a queen sat at a window sewing, and the frame of the window was made of black ebony. And whilst she was sewing and looking out of the window at the snow, she pricked her finger with the needle, and three drops of blood fell upon the snow. And the red looked pretty upon the white snow, and she thought to herself, would that I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood of the window-frame.

Soon after that she had a little daughter, who was as white as snow, and as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony, and she was therefore called little Snow White. And when the child was born, the queen died.

After a year had passed the king took to himself another wife. She was a beautiful woman, but proud and haughty, and she could not bear that anyone else chould surpass her in beauty. She had a wonderful looking-glass, and when she stood in front of it and looked at herself in it, and said,

"Looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall,

Who in this land is the fairest of all?"

The looking-glass answered,

"Thou, o queen, art the fairest of all."

Then she was satisfied, for she knew that the looking-glass spoke the truth.

But Snow White was growing up, and grew more and more beautiful, and when she was seven years old she was as beautiful as the day, and more beautiful than the queen herself. And once when the queen asked her looking-glass,

"Looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall,

Who in this land is the fairest of all?"

It answered,

"Thou art fairer than all who are here, lady queen.

But more beautiful still is Snow White, as I ween."

Then the queen was shocked, and turned yellow and green with envy. From that hour, whenever she looked at Snow White, her heart heaved in her breast, she hated the girl so much. And envy and pride grew higher and higher in her heart like a weed, so that she had no peace day or night.

She called a huntsman, and said, "Take the child away into the forest. I will no longer have her in my sight. Kill her, and bring me back her lung and liver as a token."

The huntsman obeyed, and took her away but when he had drawn his knife, and was about to pierce Snow White's innocent heart, she began to weep, and said, "Ah dear huntsman, leave me my life. I will run away into the wild forest, and never come home again."

And as she was so beautiful the huntsman had pity on her and said, "Run away, then, you poor child."

"The wild beasts will soon have devoured you," thought he, and yet it seemed as if a stone had been rolled from his heart since it was no longer needful for him to kill her.

And as a young bear just then came running by he stabbed it, and cut out its lung and liver and took them to the queen as proof that the child was dead. The cook had to salt them, and the wicked queen ate them, and thought she had eaten the lung and liver of Snow White.

But now the poor child was all alone in the great forest, and so terrified that she looked at all the leaves on the trees, and did not know what to do. Then she began to run, and ran over sharp stones and through thorns, and the wild beasts ran past her, but did her no harm.

She ran as long as her feet would go until it was almost evening, then she saw a little cottage and went into it to rest herself.

Everything in the cottage was small, but neater and cleaner than can be told. There was a table on which was a white cover, and seven little plates, and on each plate a little spoon, moreover, there were seven little knives and forks, and seven little mugs. Against the wall stood seven little beds side by side, and covered with snow-white counterpanes.

Little Snow White was so hungry and thirsty that she ate some vegetables and bread from each plate and drank a drop of wine out of each mug, for she did not wish to take all from one only. Then, as she was so tired, she laid herself down on one of the little beds, but none of them suited her, one was too long, another too short, but at last she found that the seventh one was right, and so she remained in it, said a prayer and went to sleep.

When it was quite dark the owners of the cottage came back. They were seven dwarfs who dug and delved in the mountains for ore. They lit their seven candles, and as it was now light within the cottage they saw that someone had been there, for everything was not in the same order in which they had left it.

The first said, "Who has been sitting on my chair?"

The second, "Who has been eating off my plate?"

The third, "Who has been taking some of my bread?"

The fourth, "Who has been eating my vegetables?"

The fifth, "Who has been using my fork?"

The sixth, "Who has been cutting with my knife?"

The seventh, "Who has been drinking out of my mug?"

Then the first looked round and saw that there was a little hollow on his bed, and he said, "Who has been getting into my bed?"

The others came up and each called out, "Somebody has been lying in my bed too."

But the seventh when he looked at his bed saw little Snow White, who was lying asleep therein. And he called the others, who came running up, and they cried out with astonishment, and brought their seven little candles and let the light fall on little Snow White.

"Oh, heavens, oh, heavens," cried they, "what a lovely child."

And they were so glad that they did not wake her up, but let her sleep on in the bed. And the seventh dwarf slept with his companions, one hour with each, and so passed the night.

When it was morning little Snow White awoke, and was frightened when she saw the seven dwarfs.

But they were friendly and asked her what her name was.

"My name is Snow White," she answered.

"How have you come to our house, said the dwarfs.

Then she told them that her step-mother had wished to have her killed, but that the huntsman had spared her life, and that she had run for the whole day, until at last she had found their dwelling.

The dwarfs said, "If you will take care of our house, cook, make the beds, wash, sew and knit, and if you will keep everything neat and clean you can stay with us and you shall want for nothing."

"Yes," said Snow White, "with all my heart." And she stayed with them.

She kept the house in order for them. In the mornings they went to the mountains and looked for copper and gold, in the evenings they came back, and then their supper had to be ready.

The girl was alone the whole day, so the good dwarfs warned her and said, "Beware of your step-mother, she will soon know that you are here, be sure to let no one come in."

But the queen, believing that she had eaten Snow White's lung and liver, could not but think that she was again the first and most beautiful of all, and she went to her looking-glass and said,

"Looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall,

Who in this land is the fairest of all?"

And the glass answered,

"Oh, queen, thou art fairest of all I see,

But over the hills, where the seven dwarfs dwell,

Snow White is still alive and well,

And none is so fair as she."

Then she was astounded, for she knew that the looking-glass never spoke falsely, and she knew that the huntsman had betrayed her, and that little Snow White was still alive.

And so she thought and thought again how she might kill her, for so long as she was not the fairest in the whole land, envy let her have no rest. And when she had at last thought of something to do, she painted her face, and dressed herself like an old pedlar-woman, and no one could have known her.

In this disguise she went over the seven mountains to the seven dwarfs, and knocked at the door and cried, "Pretty things to sell, very cheap, very cheap."

Little Snow White looked out of the window and called out, "Good-day my good woman, what have you to sell?"

" Good things, pretty things," she answered, "stay-laces of all colors," and she pulled out one which was woven of bright-colored silk.

"I may let the worthy old woman in," thought Snow White, and she unbolted the door and bought the pretty laces.

"Child," said the old woman, "what a fright you look, come, I will lace you properly for once."

Snow White had no suspicion, but stood before her, and let herself be laced with the new laces. But the old woman laced so quickly and so tightly that Snow White lost her breath and fell down as if dead.

"You were the most beautiful," said the queen to herself, and ran away.

Not long afterwards, in the evening, the seven dwarfs came home, but how shocked they were when they saw their dear little Snow White lying on the ground, and that she neither stirred nor moved, and seemed to be dead. They lifted her up, and, as they saw that she was laced too tightly, they cut the laces, then she began to breathe a little, and after a while came to life again.

When the dwarfs heard what had happened they said, "The old pedlar-woman was no one else than the wicked queen, take care and let no one come in when we are not with you."

But the wicked woman when she had reached home went in front of the glass and asked,

"Looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall,

Who in this land is the fairest of all?"

And it answered as before,

"Oh, queen, thou art fairest of all I see,

But over the hills, where the seven dwarfs dwell,

Snow White is still alive and well,

And none is so fair as she."

When she heard that, all her blood rushed to her heart with fear, for she saw plainly that little Snow White was again alive.

"But now," she said, "I will think of something that shall really put an end to you." And by the help of witchcraft, which she understood, she made a poisonous comb. Then she disguised herself and took the shape of another old woman.

So she went over the seven mountains to the seven dwarfs, knocked at the door, and cried, "Good things to sell, cheap, cheap."

Little Snow White looked out and said, "Go away, I cannot let anyone come in."

"I suppose you can look," said the old woman, and pulled the poisonous comb out and held it up.

It pleased the girl so well that she let herself be beguiled, and opened the door. When they had made a bargain the old woman said, "Now I will comb you properly for once."

Poor little Snow White had no suspicion, and let the old woman do as she pleased, but hardly had she put the comb in her hair than the poison in it took effect, and the girl fell down senseless.

"You paragon of beauty," said the wicked woman, "you are done for now, and she went away."

But fortunately it was almost evening, when the seven dwarfs came home. When they saw Snow White lying as if dead upon the ground they at once suspected the step-mother, and they looked and found the poisoned comb. Scarcely had they taken it out when Snow White came to herself, and told them what had happened. Then they warned her once more to be upon her guard and to open the door to no one.

The queen, at home, went in front of the glass and said,

"Looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall,

Who in this land is the fairest of all?"

Then it answered as before, "Oh, queen, thou art fairest of all I see,

But over the hills, where the seven dwarfs dwell,

Snow White is still alive and well,

And none is so fair as she."

When she heard the glass speak thus she trembled and shook with rage.

"Snow White shall die," she cried, "even if it costs me my life."

Thereupon she went into a quite secret, lonely room, where no one ever came, and there she made a very poisonous apple. Outside it looked pretty, white with a red cheek, so that everyone who saw it longed for it, but whoever ate a piece of it must surely die.

When the apple was ready she painted her face, and dressed herself up as a farmer's wife, and so she went over the seven mountains to the seven dwarfs. She knocked at the door.

Snow White put her head out of the window and said, "I cannot let anyone in, the seven dwarfs have forbidden me."

"It is all the same to me," answered the woman, "I shall soon get rid of my apples. There, I will give you one."

"No," said Snow White, "I dare not take anything."

"Are you afraid of poison?" said the old woman, "look, I will cut the apple in two pieces, you eat the red cheek, and I will eat the white."

The apple was so cunningly made that only the red cheek was poisoned. Snow White longed for the fine apple, and when she saw that the woman ate part of it she could resist no longer, and stretched out her hand and took the poisonous half. But hardly had she a bit of it in her mouth than she fell down dead.

Then the queen looked at her with a dreadful look, and laughed aloud and said, "White as snow, red as blood, black as ebony-wood, this time the dwarfs cannot wake you up again."

And when she asked of the looking-glass at home,

"Looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall,

Who in this land is the fairest of all?"

And it answered at last,

"Oh, queen, in this land thou art fairest of all."

Then her envious heart had rest, so far as an envious heart can have rest.

The dwarfs, when they came home in the evening, found Snow White lying upon the ground, she breathed no longer and was dead. They lifted her up, looked to see whether they could find anything poisonous, unlaced her, combed her hair, washed her with water and wine, but it was all of no use, the poor child was dead, and remained dead. They laid her upon a bier, and all seven of them sat round it and wept for her, and wept three days long. Then they were going to bury her, but she still looked as if she were living, and still had her pretty red cheeks.

They said, "We could not bury her in the dark ground," and they had a transparent coffin of glass made, so that she could be seen from all sides, and they laid her in it, and wrote her name upon it in golden letters, and that she was a king's daughter. Then they put the coffin out upon the mountain, and one of them always stayed by it and watched it. And birds came too, and wept for Snow White, first an owl, then a raven, and last a dove.

And now Snow White lay a long, long time in the coffin, and she did not change, but looked as if she were asleep, for she was as white as snow, as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony.

It happened, however, that a king's son came into the forest, and went to the dwarfs, house to spend the night. He saw the coffin on the mountain, and the beautiful Snow White within it, and read what was written upon it in golden letters.

Then he said to the dwarfs, "Let me have the coffin, I will give you whatever you want for it."

But the dwarfs answered, "We will not part with it for all the gold in the world."

Then he said, "Let me have it as a gift, for I cannot live without seeing Snow White. I will honor and prize her as my dearest possession."

As he spoke in this way the good dwarfs took pity upon him, and gave him the coffin. And now the king's son had it carried away by his servants on their shoulders. And it happened that they stumbled over a tree-stump, and with the shock the poisonous piece of apple which Snow White had bitten off came out of her throat. And before long she opened her eyes, lifted up the lid of the coffin, sat up, and was once more alive.

"Oh, heavens, where am I?" she cried.

The king's son, full of joy, said, "You are with me." And he told her what had happened, and said, "I love you more than everything in the world, come with me to my father's palace, you shall be my wife."

And Snow White was willing, and went with him, and their wedding was held with great show and splendor. But Snow White's wicked step-mother was also bidden to the feast. When she had arrayed herself in beautiful clothes she went before the looking-glass, and said,

"Looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall,

Who in this land is the fairest of all?"

The glass answered,

"Oh, queen, of all here the fairest art thou,

But the young queen is fairer by far as I trow."

Then the wicked woman uttered a curse, and was so wretched, so utterly wretched that she knew not what to do. At first she would not go to the wedding at all, but she had nopeace, and had to go to see the young queen. And when she went in she recognized Snow White, and she stood still with rage and fear, and could not stir. But iron slippers had already been put upon the fire, and they were brought in with tongs, and set before her. Then she was forced to put on the red-hot shoes, and dance until she dropped down dead.

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    從前在冬天的中間, 當雪的小薄片正象來自天空的羽毛一樣落下時, 一位王后坐在縫紉的一扇窗子旁邊,並且窗子的框架由黑色的黑檀做成。 並且當她在雪縫紉和向窗子外望時, 她用針扎她的手指,並且3 滴血落在雪上。 並且紅在白色的雪上看起來漂亮, 並且她在心中想, 希望我有一個孩子純潔無瑕,象血一樣紅,和象窗子框架的木頭一樣黑。

    不久在那之后她有純潔無瑕的一個小女兒, 並且象血一樣紅,和她的頭髮象黑檀一樣黑, 並且她被因此叫很少的雪白色。 並且當孩子出生時,王后死。

    在一年已經度過之后,國王自己喜歡另一位妻子。 她是一名美麗的婦女,但是驕傲和傲慢, 並且她不能忍受那其他任何人chould在美麗裡勝過她。 她有一面令人驚嘆的鏡子,並且她站在它的前面並且在它裡看自己,並且說,


    在所有當中,誰在這塊土地裡是最公正的? "


    "在所有當中,1000鎊,o 王后,藝術最良好的。 "


    但是雪白色正發展, 並且變得越來越美麗, 並且當她是7 歲時,她象日子一樣美麗,和比王后自己美麗。 並且一旦王后問她的鏡子,


    在所有當中,誰在這塊土地裡是最公正的? "



    但是更美麗止住在雪白色,這一點我料想。 "

    然後王后震驚,並且改變黃和非常妒忌。 從那小時中,她考慮雪白色無論何時,她的心在她的胸博內起伏,她非常憎惡女孩。 並且嫉妒和驕傲象一根雜草一樣在她的心裡變得越來越高,因此她天或者夜晚沒有和平。

    她打電話給一個獵人,並且說,"把孩子帶走進森林。 我將不再用我的視力有她。 殺死她,並且給我帶回來她的肺和肝作為一個標誌。 "

    獵人服從, 並且當但是他已經拉他的刀時,把她帶走, 並且刺透正要雪懷特無罪心,她開始哭泣,並且說,"啊親愛的獵人,離開我我生活。 我將逃走進野生的森林,並且從未再次回家。 "

    因為並且她如此美麗以致于獵人帶著憐憫並且說,"逃走, 然後,你這個不幸的孩子。 "

    "野獸不久將已經全神貫注地看你",認為他, 然而似乎自從這不再是他殺死她的需要的事物,一塊石頭已經被從心底滾。

    一年輕熊正在那時以他跑來刺穿它當時, 並且切除它的肺和肝並且作為孩子死的證據把他們帶到王后那裡。 咸他們,和邪惡王后吃他們,並且認為她吃肺和白色的雪的肝廚師。

    但是現下不幸的孩子在大的森林孤獨, 因此恐嚇,以致于她在樹上看全部葉子,並且不知道做什麼。 然後她開始跑,並且超過尖的石頭,透過棘刺,並且野獸跑過她,但是對她沒有危害。

    只要她的腳將去,直到那時幾乎是晚上,她跑, 然後她看見一點農舍並且去它休息自己。

    在這座農舍內的一切是小,但是比可能被告訴更整潔和更乾淨的。 有一桌子關於哪個一白色給投保, 以及7 個小盤子和在每個盤子上一把小匙,而且,有7 把小刀和叉子和7 個小啤酒杯。 靠牆肩並肩站7 張小床,並且為雪白色的床罩所覆蓋。

    小雪白色如此飢餓和口渴,以致于她從每個盤子吃一些菜蔬和麵包並且從每個啤酒杯當中喝一滴酒, 因為她不希望只接受一的全部。 那時, 因為她如此疲倦, 她向下放自己在小床之一上, 但是他們都不適合她, 一太長, 太短的另一個, 但是最後她發現第7 個是正確的,因此她保持在它中,說一篇禱文並且就寢。

    當天十分黑時,這座農舍的擁有人回來。 他們是為礦石挖並且在山深入研究的7 個侏儒。 他們點燃他們的7 支蠟燭, 並且當這現下是在這座農舍內的光時,他們看見某人到過那裡, 對于一切事情來說不用他們已經留下它的相同的訂貨。

    第1 說,"誰一直坐在我的椅子上"嗎?







    然後,1 年代環顧並且看見有一點空在他床上, 並且他說,"誰一直進入我的床"嗎?

    其他提出和各自召集,"某人喝在于我也是。 "

    但是他看他床看見小雪白色,誰躺睡著在其中什麼時候的7 年代。 並且他打電話給來跑上前去的其他, 他們與驚訝一起大聲呼喊,並且帶來他們7 小蠟燭並且讓在白色小的雪上的淺下降。

    "噢,天堂,噢,天堂",他們哭,"什麼可愛的孩子。 "

    並且他們如此高興他們沒叫醒她,而是讓她在床裡繼續睡。 並且第7 個侏儒與他的同伴睡,一個小時用每一個,因此度過夜晚。

    當那時是早上時,當她看見7 個侏儒時,很少的雪白色醒來,並且被嚇住。




    然後她告訴他們她的繼母已經希望讓人殺死她, 要不是獵人已經饒她的命,並且她已經整天跑向,直到最後她已經找到他們居住。

    那些侏儒說, "如果你將照顧我們的房子,煮,整理床,洗,縫紉並且編織, 並且如果你將保持一切整潔和乾淨,你能和我們在一起,你將不缺任何東西。 "

    "是",說雪白色,"真心實意。 "並且她和他們在一起。

    她保持它們的房子。 在早上他們去山並且尋找銅和金,晚上他們回來, 然後他們的晚飯必須準備好。

    女孩整天獨自一人, 因此好侏儒警告她並且說, "注意你的繼母,她不久將知道你在這裡,一定讓任何人都不進來。 "

    但是王后, 相信她吃肺和肝懷特雪,認為她再次第1 歲不得不和非常美麗在所有當中, 並且她去她的鏡子並且說,


    在所有當中,誰在這塊土地裡是最公正的? "



    但是在小山上方,在那裡7 個侏儒居住,


    並且沒有一個象她那樣公正。 "

    然後她震驚,因為她知道鏡子從未欺詐講話, 並且她知道獵人已經背叛她,並且小雪白色仍然活著。

    因此她認為並且再次認為她可以怎樣殺死她, 因為只要她在整個國家不是最公正的,嫉妒讓她沒有休息。 並且她最後有想起的某些事情做, 她油漆她的臉,並且象一名老的小販婦女一樣給自己穿衣服,並且沒有人可能認識她。

    在這次偽裝裡她越過7 座山到7 個侏儒, 並且敲門並且哭,"要出售的漂亮的東西,非常便宜,非常便宜。 "


    "好東西,漂亮的東西", 她回答,"全部顏色的停留花邊",並且她拉出鮮豔的絲綢的被紡織的一。

    "我可能讓值得的舊的婦女",認為雪白色, 並且她打開門並且買漂亮的花邊。

    "孩子",說那些舊婦女,"你看驚悸怎樣的啊,來,我將花邊你就這一次正確。 "

    雪白色沒有懷疑,但是站在她面前,並且讓她自己被加入新花邊。 但是老的婦女如此迅速用系帶系牢並且如此緊那場雪以致于懷特喘不過氣來和好像死摔倒。


    長時間后來沒有, 晚上,7 個侏儒回家, 他們是他們看見他們親愛的小雪躺在地上的懷特什麼時候,她既沒激起也不移動多么使震驚啊, 並且好像死。 他們向上舉起她,和,當他們看見她被太緊地用系帶系牢,他們裁花邊, 然後她開始稍微呼吸, 並且過了一會兒再次甦醒過來。

    當那些侏儒聽到已經發生了什麼時,他們說, "與邪惡的王后相比較,老的小販婦女是沒有其他人,當我們不與你一起時,小心並且讓任何人都不進來。 "



    在所有當中,誰在這塊土地裡是最公正的? "



    但是在小山上方,在那裡7 個侏儒居住,


    並且沒有一個象她那樣公正。 "


    "但是現下",她說,"我將想起真的將結束你的某些事情。 "並且在巫術的幫助下,她理解,她做一把有毒的梳子。 然後她假裝自己並且呈另一名老的婦女形狀。

    因此她越過7 座山到7 個侏儒, 敲門,並且哭,"要出售的好東西,便宜,便宜。 "

    小雪白色注意並且說,"離開,我不能讓來的任何人進來。 "


    它使女孩滿意如此好以致于她讓她自己引誘,並且打開途經。 當他們已經做老的婦女說的一個契約時,"現下我就這一次將正確地梳你。 "

    貧窮的小雪白色沒有懷疑, 並且讓老的婦女想做什麼就做什麼, 她幾乎不把梳子放進就見效的她頭髮,女孩倒下無意義。

    "美麗的你模範",邪惡的婦女說,"你現下已經做, 並且她離開。 "

    但是幸運當7 個侏儒回家時,那時幾乎是晚上。 好像在他們同時懷疑繼母的場地上死他們看見雪懷特躺什麼時候, 並且他們看並且找到被毒害的梳子。 他們剛一帶出去,雪白色就甦醒過來,並且告訴他們什麼已經發生了。 然後他們警告她再一次是向她的警衛並且把門打開到沒有一個。



    在所有當中,誰在這塊土地裡是最公正的? "


    但是在小山上方,在那裡7 個侏儒居住,


    並且沒有一個象她那樣公正。 "


    "懷特將死的雪",她哭,"即使它花費我我的生命。 "

    隨即她去一個十分祕密,孤單的房間,在那裡從來沒有人來, 並且那裡她做一個非常有毒的蘋果。 在外面它用一個紅面頰看起來漂亮,白色, 以便看見它渴望它的每人,但是吃它必須肯定死的一的人。

    當蘋果準備好時,她油漆她的臉, 並且給她自己穿上盛裝作為一位農場主的妻子,因此她越過7 座山到7 個侏儒。 她敲門。

    雪白色將她的頭逐出窗子並且說,"我不能讓任何人進來,7 個侏儒已經禁止我。 "

    "這對我完全一樣",婦女回答,"我不久將除去我的蘋果。 那裡,我將給你一個。 "

    "不",說雪白色,"我不敢花費任何東西。 "

    "你害怕毒"嗎? 老的婦女說,"看,我將把蘋果分成兩部分片, 你吃紅面頰,並且我將吃白色。 "

    蘋果被如此狡猾做以致于只有紅面頰被毒害。 雪懷特渴望好的蘋果, 她看見婦女吃她能不再禁不住要,並且伸開她指針並且花費有毒的一半的的部分什麼時候。 幾乎沒有她一點它在就倒下死的她嘴內。

    然後王后用一個可怕的表情看她, 並且高聲笑並且說,"象雪一樣白色,象血一樣紅,象黑檀木頭一樣黑色,這次那些侏儒不能再次叫醒你。 "



    在所有當中,誰在這塊土地裡是最公正的? "


    "噢,王后,在所有當中用這門土地1000鎊藝術應得。 "


    侏儒,他們回家晚上什麼時候,發現雪倚賴于場地的懷特,她不再呼吸並且死。 他們向上舉起她, 指望看看是否他們能發現任何東西有毒,解開她的帶子,梳她的頭髮, 用水和酒洗她,但是它全部無用,不幸的孩子死,並且被保持死。 他們把她放在一根棺架上,並且全部他們中的7 個坐在它的周遭並且為她而哭泣,並且流3 天長。 那么他們將要埋她,但是她仍然看起來好像她是生活模式,並且仍然有她的相當紅的面頰。

    他們說, "我們不能把她隱藏在黑的地", 並且他們讓人做一口玻璃的透明的棺材,以便她可能被從各方面看見, 並且他們把她放在它裡,並且在金色的信裡在它上寫她的名字,並且她是一個國王的女兒。 然後他們在山上關棺材,並且他們中的一個總是支持它並且看它。 並且鳥也變成,並且為雪而哭泣白色,首先一只貓頭鷹, 然後一只大烏鴉,和支撐一名溫和派人物。

    現下雪白色在棺材裡放長,長的時間, 並且她沒改變, 但是看起來好像她睡著, 因為她純潔無瑕,象血一樣紅,並且她的頭髮象黑檀一樣黑。

    它發生,不過,一個國王的兒子進入森林,並且去那些侏儒,房子度過夜晚。 他在山上看見棺材,以及在它內白色的美麗的雪,和讀在金色的信裡被在它上寫的。

    然後他對那些侏儒說,"讓我有棺材,無論你為它想要什麼,我將給你。 "

    但是那些侏儒回答,"我們將不在世界上為全部金與它分別。 "

    然後他說,"讓我有它作為一個禮物,因為我不能住沒有看見雪白色。 我將尊敬和珍視她為我的最貴擁有。 "

    他以這種方法講話,好侏儒向他帶憐憫,並且給他棺材。 現下國王的兒子在他們的肩上被他的僕人運走它。 並且恰好他們為一根樹殘干張慌失措, 並且由於震動雪白色已經咬下來的這個有毒的蘋果從她的喉嚨出來。 並且不久她張開她的眼睛,抬起棺材的蓋子,坐起來,並且再一次活著。

    "噢,天堂,我在那裡"? 她哭。

    國王的兒子,充滿快樂,說,"你和我在一起。 "並且他告訴她什麼已經發生,並且說了", 我愛你超過世界上的任何事情,與我一起來我的父親的宮殿,你將是我的妻子。 "

    並且懷特願意的雪,並且與他相配,他們婚禮贊成巨大節目和壯麗。 但是雪白色的邪惡的繼母也對宴會出價。 當她已經穿美麗的衣服排列自己時,她在鏡子之前走,並且說,


    在所有當中,誰在這塊土地裡是最公正的? "



    但是當我想時,年輕的王后公正得多。 "

    然後邪惡的婦女說一聲詛咒,並且如此可憐,如此完全可憐以致于她不知道做什麼。 最初她根本將不參加婚禮,但是她有nopeace,並且必須去看年輕的王后。 並且當她進入時,她承認雪為白色, 並且她由於忿怒站著不動,懼怕,並且不能激起。 但是熨斗拖鞋已經被欺騙了火, 並且他們在她面前被夾子帶來,並且確定。 然後,她被迫穿上火熱鞋,並且跳舞她下降死。

    Source(s): 會不會太多ㄌ一點~Dr.eye
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