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    Pretty Penny

    by Bella

    One morning there was a little penny just sitting on her bed. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was shining brightly. There was no reason to be sad. But this little penny was. She was sad because she had no friends. All of her friends were mean to her. So her mother told her to go and find better friends.

    Well this very happy morning the penny, whose name was Pretty, went along looking for other pennies to play with. Once she saw a few pennies but a human who was about to spend them on candy picked them up, so she kept looking until she saw five other pennies playing.

    "Hi. My name is Pretty. Can I play with you?" she said.

    "NO! Why would we want to play with a penny like you? Your name is so untrue! You are not pretty at all!" they replied.

    Pretty Penny knew this was untrue because all the boys in school liked her, so she went on her way still very upset but desperate to find friends.

    Soon she came to a lake where she saw three pennies swimming.

    "Hello," she said, "My name is Pretty. Pretty Penny. Can I play with you?"

    "Sure!" they said.

    "My name is Penelope Penny," said the first penny.

    "I am Paula Penny. And this is my sister Polly," another said.

    "Hi, nice to meet you," Polly said.

    "Nice to meet you too," Pretty replied. "What are we playing?"

    So the pennies played for hours until it grew very dark and time for dinner so Polly and Paula went to their home, and Penelope and Pretty went to theirs'.

    Penelope lived very close to Pretty so they walked home together talking about their families and what they liked to do when they were out of school. When they came to Penelope's small and joyful home, Pretty waved goodbye and said, "See you and the rest tomorrow!"

    "Yes. Let's meet by the farm!" Penelope replied.

    So off Pretty went to her own joyful house to tell her parents about her new friends.

    "Mom! Dad! You won't believe what happened today! I met three new friends. Their names are Penelope, Paula and Polly. Polly and Paula are sisters. And Penelope lives a few blocks away on Wallet Street. I told her we live on Purse Street and to come over sometime. Tomorrow we are meeting at the farm!" Pretty said.

    "Good job sweetie," said Dad. "We are very proud of you for making new pennies. We knew you could find better penny friends. Now go eat your dinner, Mom made a special roast of dollar tonight."

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