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1.Investigations in other industrial sectors and geographical settings will indicate whether the results obtained here hold in a wider range of circumstances, or whether they are simply artifacts of the enterprises selected for the study or the region where they are situated.

2.More needs to be known about enterprise operator awareness of Web-based directory information. Greater knowledge of this factor will improve the effectiveness of actions intended to accommodate or correct misleading directory listings.

3.Further research should seek to identify why enterprise listings so often include incorrect locations. In all probability, several different factors account for the observed level of enterprise misplacement, among them the effect of geo-coding based on postal code or zip code, the use by a Web-based directory of non-service-providing addresses (e.g., off-season addresses, post office box mailing addresses, rendezvous addresses), transcription and data entry errors when capturing a location's coordinate values, the impact of datum mismatches when obtaining coordinate values, and other instrument-related and measurement-related displacement reasons.

4.Differences between the directory-reported locations and actual

locations were determined here as direct (great circle) distances without regard to the existence of usable routes between reported and actual locations. This determination underestimates actual displacements and understates the possible effect on prospective customers seeking an enterprise's location. Determining displacements based on the availability of usable routes would provide a practical assessment of the extent to which transactions between prospective customers and displaced enterprises may be jeopardized.

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    1.在其他工業部門和地理的底座的調查將指示是否在這裡獲得的結果在很寬的情形範圍內舉行, 或者是他們僅僅是為研究或者他們坐落的地區選擇的企業的人工製品。

    2.成為被了解的企業操作符網上的目錄訊息意識的更多的需要。 這個原素的更重要的知識將改進打算適應或者改正使人誤解的目錄目錄的行動的效力。

    3.進一步研究應該想辦法鑑定企業目錄為什麼如此經常包括錯誤的位置。 大概, 幾個不同的原素解釋企業的被觀察的水準, 在中他們基於編碼的影響郵編或者郵遞區號, 被網上目錄的提供非服務的那些使用位址, 當捕獲位置的同等的價值時,抄寫和數據輸入錯誤, 那些影響的數據的誤配,獲得同等價值,和其他有關儀器和有關測量原因替代。


    位置作為直接的距離罔顧在報告和實際的位置之間的可用的路線的存在在這裡被確定。 這個決心低估實際替代並且輕描淡寫地陳述尋找一個企業的位置的可能的對潛在用戶的影響。 確定基于可用的路線的可用性的替代將提供一次範圍的實際的評價, 哪個交易在之間潛在用戶和替代企業可能危及。


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