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impression k的問題

課本上出現了1.And you want to make a good impression on the people you work with.2.Make a good impression with your clothes -they do make a difference.同樣是impression 為什麼後面有接on 有接 with 呢/

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    1. "給"同事有好印象,所以用on2. "用"衣裝來製造好印象,所以用with

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    以後, 請多留意:

    1. 形容詞 + 不同介詞

    2. 名詞 + 不同介詞

    3. 動詞 + 不同介詞

    由於介詞改變, 意思也有變化, 想學好英文, 要注意這些固定用法.


    She is good at music.

    She is very good to me.


    She turns on the light.

    She turns off the light.

    She turned around and saw her boyfirend with someone else.

    Don't turn me down.( Don't disappoint me.)

    The game turned out to be a tie. (兩隊平手)

    另外, 即使是同樣, turn around 也有不同意思:

    1. The new president promised to turn the economy around. (改進)

    2. Don't turn around. (不要回頭)

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