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到底有哪些 20點

有沒有那種同一個單字 但是確有兩種發音 而意思也不相同的單字阿




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    抱歉... 我不會 kk, 不能幫你標

    desert - 沙漠 (滴蛇ㄘ)

    desert - 甜點 (底蛇~~ㄘ)


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    Heteronyms <---同拼法異音異義字


    這裡的字太多 你看字典可以查的出來 現在有英文的解釋

    給你解釋一下 左邊是原字 Record RECKord- a list; reKORD- to write down

    例如: Record

    發音 1: RECKord<----- 紀錄或唱片 (名詞)

    發音 2: reKORD <------錄音 (動詞)

    Affect ehFEKT- to change; ehFEKT- a person's feelings or emotion (1)

    Alternate ALternit- the next choice; ALternait- switch back and forth (9)

    Are AHR- plural present tense of "to be"; AIR- 100 square meters (1/100th of a hectare) [although may also be pronounced AHR] (15)

    Ares AIRS- 100 square meter units [plural]; AIReez- Greek god of war [capitalized] (15)

    Attribute ahTRIByoot- to consider resulting from; AHtribyoot- a characteristic of someone (12)

    August AUgust- month [capitalized]; auGUST- important, eminent (9)

    Axes AKsiz- more than one ax or axe; AKseez- the plural of axis (13)

    Bass BASE- a string instrument; (rhymes with mass)- a fish (1)

    Bow BAU- to lower one's head or the front of a ship; BOH- used to shoot arrows (7)

    Bowed BAU-d- to bend over; BOH-d- bent (12)

    Buffet BUFFet- to pound or bump; booFAY- place where you serve yourself (9)

    Close CLOZE- to shut; CLOS- near (9)

    Combine komBYNE- put together; KOMbyne- a threshing machine (1)

    Conduct KONduckt- behavior; kunDUCKT- to lead (see this heteronym below) (12)

    Conflict kunFLIKT- to act against; KAHNflict- a fight or disagreement (1)

    Console KAHNsole- an upright case; kunSOLE- to comfort (2)

    Content KAHNtent- meaning; kunTENT- satisfied (1)

    Contest kunTEST- to argue; KAHNtest- a match of skill (1)

    Contract CONtract- an agreement; conTRACT- to shrink or to agree on a project (2)

    Convert conVERT- to change one's belief; CONvert- one whose belief was changed (11)

    Converse KAHNvers- the opposite; kunVERS- to talk (1c)

    Convict kunVIKT- to find guilty; KAHNvikt- a prisoner (1)

    Crooked KROOKt- to bend your neck; KROOK-ed- having a curve (3)

    Deliberate diLIBerit- carefully considered; diLIBerATE- to consider (12)

    Desert dihZURT- to leave ; DEZert- arid region (18, and below)

    Digest DYEjest- collection of published material; dieJEST- absorb nutrients (6)

    Do DOO- to accomplish; DOE- a musical note (1)

    Does DUZ- performs; DOZE- more than one female deer (1)

    Dove DUV- a bird; DOEV- jumped off (1)

    Drawer DROR- the compartment you pull out from the dresser; DRAWer- one who draws (1j)

    Excuse EKskyooz- to let someone off; EKskyoos- a reason or explanation (17)

    House HAUS- a building that serves as living quarters; HOWZ- to provide with living quarters (10)

    Incense INsens- burnt aromatic; inSENS- to make angry (9)

    Intern INtern- a physician in training; inTERN- confine to prescribed area (14)

    Invalid inVALLid- not valid; INvallid- an ill person (1)

    Laminate LAMinate- to construct by adding layers; LAMinit [although both pronunciations are listed]- the cover itself (1)

    Lather (rhymes with rather)- foam or suds; (rhymes with bath fur)- a worker who installs lath (lattice work) (15)

    Lead LEED- to guide; LED- a metallic element (1)

    Minute MINNit- 60 seconds; myNOOT- tiny (1)

    Moderate MODerit- keeping within reason; MODerATE- to preside over (1)

    Mow MOH- to cut grass; MAU- a pile of hay (17)

    Multiply MULLtihPLIE- multiply two numbers; MULLtihplee- in a multiple manner (15)

    Number NUMber- one, two, three …; NUMMER- more numb [many dictionaries do not list this use, which suggests that "more numb" is preferred; however, the listed use is given in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition, Electronic version.] (18)

    Nun NUN- women in religious order; NOON- 14th letter in Hebrew alphabet (9)

    Object ubJEKT- to complain; AHBjekt- a thing (1c)

    Pasty PAstee- like glue; PASStee- a meat pie (1)

    Pate PAIT- a bald head; paTAY- a minced food; PAHT- a porcelain paste [diacritics in pâté and pâte don't count!](1)

    Perfect PERfekt- exactly correct; perFEKT- to make correct (17)

    Periodic PEEReeODDik- occasional; PUREeyeODDik- an iodine compound (15)

    Permit perMIT- to allow some event to occur; PERmit [although both pronunciations are listed]- a document giving permission (8)

    Polish POElish- from Poland; PAHLish- shine [capitalization doesn't count!](4)

    Present PREZent- a gift; preeSENT- to give a talk (9)

    Primer PRIHMer- an elementary book; PRYmer- the preparatory coat of paint (1c, 12)

    Produce PROdoos- vegetables; proDOOS- bring forth (1)

    Project proJEKT- to show a movie; PRAHjekt- a task (1)

    Pussy PUHSee- having pus; POOHSee; a kitten (18)

    Raven RAYven- black bird; RAVen- hungry (9)

    Rebel REBBell- a resister; rihBELL- to resist (2)

    Record RECKord- a list; reKORD- to write down (1)

    Recreation rek-ree-Ashun- pastime; REEcreeAshun- remake (also, recreate) (12)

    Refuse reFUSE- to deny; REFFyoos- garbage (1)

    Relay reeLAY- to put it down again, such as a carpet; REElay- a race by teams; rihLAY- to pass along, such as information [One of our dictionaries gives these pronunciations, but does not distinguish meanings among the latter two. The pronunciation may vary among individuals.] (12)

    Rerun reRUN- to race again or to repeat a show on television; RErun- a repeated TV show (12)

    Reside: reZIDE- to stay put; RE-SYD- [Slang] to change places (change teams) [usu. hyphenated as re-side] (20) [N.B.: This is also a antagonym!] {X}

    Resign reZYN- to quit; reSYN- to sign again (e.g., a contract) [usu. hyphenated as re-sign] (20) [N.B.: This word is also an antagonym!]

    Resume reeZOOM- to restart; REHZoomay- a document of experience [also résumé; diacritics don't count!] (1)

    Row ROH- a line; ROUW- a fight (1)

    Sake SAHkey- alcoholic drink; SAYK- a purpose (5)

    Secrete seeKREET- to discharge; sehKRET- an armored skullcap [secrète, diacritics don't count!]

    Secreted seeKREETed- having put out; SEEkrehted- placed out of sight (9) [N.B.: This word is also an antagonym!]

    Separate SEPerATE- to divide into groups; SEPret- not joined together (17)

    Sewer SOwer- one who sews; SOOwer- place for human waste (9)

    Slough SLUFF- the outer layer of skin of a snake; [rhymes with OW!]- a hole of deep mud or mire; SLOO- a marshy pond (19)

    Sow SOUW- a pig; SO- to plant seed (1)

    Subject SUBjekt- the theme; subJEKT- to force upon someone (12)

    Tear TARE- to rip; TEER- fluid in eye (1)

    Wind WHINEd- to coil up; WINd- the blowing air (1)

    Wound WOOND- to injure; WOWND- coiled up (1)

    這問題還不錯~~ 不過如果要翻譯~ 這些字典裡都有 我還滿懶的

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    resume [rI'zjum] v. 重新開始 / 恢復

    [r倒3zju'me] n.履歷表 / 摘要

    produce ['pradjus] n.農產品

    [pr倒e'djus] v.生產

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    1. /rea-cord/ verb 記錄動詞

    2. /re-cerd/ noun 唱片/記錄

    Source(s): Myself
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