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我的興趣非常廣泛, 最大的興趣是運動,音樂與閱讀 運動方面,我很喜歡打排球 籃球及慢跑 常常在放學後, 留校慢跑來鍛鍊自己的身體; 也由於平時的鍛鍊 ;能讓我在運動會時; 展現我平時鍛鍊的結果

音樂方面, 從小學習鋼琴 加上學校社團 學會了長笛與豎笛 其中較為專精的是豎笛 常利用課外活動期間 與一些志同道合的朋友們一起合奏, 或是一起參加其他學校的管樂社的發表

閱讀方面, 由於對英文的熱愛, 所以我常閱讀英文雜誌 或是英文小說來增強我的英語能力

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    My interest is very extensive,the biggest interest is an exercise,the music and reading exercises aspect,I like to play the volleyball basketball and jogging very much usually in the after school,staying the school jogging to temper through hardships own body; Also because of forging at ordinary times;can let me at sports games; The result that emerge me to temper through hardships at ordinary tiems

    Music aspect, learned the piano to plus the school association to master the flute and clarinet since the childhood among them better at is a clarinet to often make use of the extracurricular activity to play together with some of one mind friendseses together for period, or attend the wood wind club of the other schoolses to announce together

    Read the aspect, due to to the passion of English, so I often read English magazine or English novel to strengthen my English ability

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    那是翻譯機翻出來的= ="


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