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很多人為了物質的慾望而"賣身 出賣靈肉"等




恩 我也是只想到這個字prostitute和sell

或用迂迴的方式講 they treat themselves as merchandise to earn money.

只是好奇有沒有不同或更道地的講法 甘溫

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    賣身在Dr.EYE裡有兩種解釋: sell oneself as a slave; to sell one's body become a prostitute; to prostitute

    這裡你有提到出賣靈肉, 那代表你指的是那種以販賣身體來賺取利益(金錢或飯碗, 例如援助交際等等...), 那麼你適合用 to become a prostitute; to prostitute. a prostitue 是妓女的意思. to prostitue是賣淫的意思. 動詞用to prostitute最佳.

    我寫個例句: More young girls prostitue in order to earn pocket money nowadays.(現在越多年輕女孩用賣淫來賺取零用錢.)

    有人認為例句不好請糾正我, 謝謝.

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    也感謝耍寶的androol大大 也很佩服你ㄋㄟ

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    ahahahahha androool's is hilarious (i mean no offence - it's just funny)

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    Exchange money for sex

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    ha ha ha

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