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1.Stevie Wonder雖然眼盲,但卻擁有靈敏的聽覺和韻律感,7歲時就精通鋼琴和鼓等樂器,1961年因為它的音樂天賦,獲得唱片公司的賞識,1963年推出首張專輯而登上排行榜寶座,而被譽為12歲的天才。他精通非洲音樂/節奏藍調/靈魂樂/福音/雷鬼/放克/舞曲/爵士等類型音樂元素的創作能量,對黑人音樂的發展留下重要的影響力。


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    1.Stevie Wonder though eyes blind, have sensitive sense of hearing and rhythmical image, master the musical instruments , such as the piano and drum ,etc. at the age of 7, because of its music talent in 1961, get appreciation of the record company, put out the first special edition and mounted the billboard throne in 1963, and is praised as the talent 12 years old. Last the musics he /rhythm the blue transfer /soul / good news / thunder spirit /show gram / dance music / type creation energy , music of elements , such as knight ,etc. of, leave the important influence power to the development of the black music.

    2.This is a touching work calling upon black-and-white racial harmony to coexist, shutting the sympathetic response in harmony of black-and-white key on the piano of the song, it was valuable that the common people of the metaphor treasured coexisting harmoniously when can study and get along .

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    1. The Stevie Wonder although the eye is blind,but own the intelligent sense of hearing and the metre feeling,the hour of 7 years old masters in the musical instruments, such as piano and drum...etc.,1961 because its music natural endowments,acquire the record company to appreciate,announced the debut album and ascended the ranking throne in 1963,and was been a 12-year-old genius by the 譽 .He masters in African music/rhythm blue adjust/the soul joy/the evangel/thunder ghost/put the gram/dance music/jazz etc. the creations energy of the type music element,leave the important influence to the development of the black music.

    2.This is a the head appeals the black and white race harmonious coexistence feeling person's work,the song matches the 諧 sympathy by the piano black and white key,the metaphor people of this world's wanting it can learn and get along with in cherish to harmonize the coexistence of valuable.

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