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vicky asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago



大江東去 浪濤盡 千古風流人物

故壘西邊人道是 三國周郎赤壁

亂石崩雲 驚濤裂岸 捲起千堆雪

江山如畫 一時多少豪傑

遙想公瑾當年 小喬初嫁了

雄姿英發 羽扇綸巾 談笑間

檣艫灰飛煙滅 故國神遊

多情應笑我 早生華髮

人生如夢 一樽還酹江月




Update 2:

先謝謝cats i love的大力相助..


可是.用中文讀這首詞時..腦中會浮現出那一幅景象.翻成英文後.怎麼感覺好像平鋪無味..我讀很多次都還是一樣的感覺捏.大家覺得呢?? 還是我英文的深度還不夠.才無法領悟...

Update 3:

Lalith Virkful..我很期待能看到你翻ㄉ..請加油..

Update 4:

親愛ㄉLalith Virkful..


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    Traveling east the river drifts

    Tidal splashes like roaming rainfall

    Shoving legendary figures in history

    Fading whispers stronghold's west

    Recall the era , was Red Cliff vanquished by the splendour Chou

    Heavenly falling and Earthly cracking

    Ceaselessly waves crush ashore

    Embroiling countless blood be boiled

    Picturesque it seemed

    Many did the heroes rose and fallen

    Tilting back to the day he packed

    His beloved wife was first in his life

    Vigorous and valorous , chatter and laughter

    The white feathered fan was yet his fiend

    Already did he turned sea to hellfire , the perfect plan was flawed to vain

    Here I am eading myself loafing about

    Passion should've mocked me with intension

    Fond and lively , have I become old and weary

    Life is like a dream

    So let I thrust my cup up

    And drink a toast in return

    To the goddess of the moon

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    我說明一下 下面這兩段不是用翻譯網站亂翻的 是一個叫做錦繡中華的網站原有的翻譯 請不要誤會 我看了一下 水準應該還不錯吧 作參考唄The Ynagtze flows eastWashing awayA thousand ages of great menWest of the ramparts -- People say --Are the fables Red Cliffs of young Chou of the Three KingdomsRebellious rocks pierce the skyFrightening waves rip the bankThe backwash churns vast snowy swells --River and mountains like a paintinghow many heroes passed them, once ...Think back to those years, Chou Yu --Just married to the younger Chiao --Brave, brilliantWith plumed fan, silk kerchiefLaughed and talkedWhile masts and oars vanished to flying ash and smoke!I roam through ancient realmsAbsurdly movedTurn gray too soon --A man's life passes like a dream --Pour out a cup then, to the river, and the moon 另翻譯 (真不知道字體大小怎會醬小) endless river eastward flows;

    With its huge waves are gone all those

    Gallant heroes of bygone years.

    West of the ancient fortress years

    Red Cliff where General Zhou Yu won his early fame

    When the Three Kingdoms were in flame.

    Jugged rocks tower in the air

    And swashing waves beat on the air

    Rolling up a thousand heaps of snow.

    To match the hills and the river so fair,

    How many heroes brave of yore

    Made a great show!

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    蝴蝶說的很好 翻譯的東西真的就不是原汁原味 Lalith Virkful 期待您的翻譯 請翻完後一定要PO出來喲

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    Lalith Virkful加油!!我也很期待看你翻譯的喔!!^^

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