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剛剛在看mtv那台的節目 好像是介紹美國top25的mv 第一名是瑪丹娜 第二名是阿姆 的那個節目 發現有幾首歌不錯聽 可是不知道歌名是啥

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    Madonna 每張專輯都可以找到很棒的經典歌曲,下面就每張專輯列出我認為不錯的經典歌曲

    Madonna (1982) - Holiday(她的第一首單曲), Everybody, Borderline, Lucky Star.

    Like A Virgin (1984) - Like A Virgin (這應該就是你提到的MV第一名歌曲), Angel, Dress You Up.

    Vision Quest (1985) - Crazy For You(她的第一首抒情經典單曲), Gambler.

    True Blue (1986)- Live To Tell, Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart, La Isla Bonita, True Blue. (老實說,這一整張都是經典啊...)

    You Can Dance (1987) - Spotlight.

    Who's That Girl (1987) - Who's That Girl, Causing A Commotion, The Look Of Love.

    Like A Prayer (1989) - Like A Prayer(這首MV也在當時造成話題), Express Yourself, Cherish, Oh Father, Keep It Together.

    I'm Breathless (1990) - Hanky Panky, He's A Man, Something To Remember, Vogue(這是90年代舞曲經典).

    The Immaculate Collection (1990) - Justify My Love.

    Erotica (1992) - Deeper And Deeper, Bad Girl, Rain. (雖然這是她的低潮時期,但歌曲仍然好聽)

    Bedtime Stories (1994) - Secret , Take A Bow(她的顛峰代表作), Bedtime Story.

    Something To Remember (1995) - This Used To Be My Playground, I'll Remember.

    Evita (1996) - You Must Love Me, Don't Cry For Me Argentina.

    Ray Of Light (1998) -Frozen, Ray Of Light(得到葛萊美肯定的MV),The Power Of Good-Bye.

    The Next Best Thing (2000) - American Pie.

    Music (2000) - Music, Paradise (Not For Me), Gone, I Deserve It.

    GHV2 - 這張精選集沒收新歌

    American Life (2003) - American Life, Die Another Day.

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    Who's that girl、Vogue、Crazy for you、Live to tell、I'll remember、Rain、Take a bow、Frozen、Ray of light、American pie、Beautiful stranger、Don't tell me、What it feels like for a girl、Drowned world、Music、American life(最近)…等這些都算是經典,而且都不錯聽。

    另外,瑪丹娜與布蘭妮合唱的一首Me against the music收錄在布蘭妮的專輯。(這支MV當初一出來造成轟動)

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    Take A Bow

    American Life



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