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The advent of the Internet and Intranets has the potential to accelerate the process of mining all markets for relevant information and for features that can be included in new products.

文中的"mining" 在這請問各位網友, 你們認為是 " ruin/destroy" 破壞的意思嗎?

還是, 有開發的意思呢?

what do you think?


我的一種解讀是: 網路的發明使得原本專門在搜尋相關資訊和產品特色的那種市場開始遭受影響(negative meaning)

另一種就是, "發展"的意思, 不過如果是如此, 還有另外個問題:就是下面有位網友的翻譯是:


但, mine 如果當採掘, 應是當Vt, 所以market是object, 而不是上述的翻法; 那麼我想聽聽各位英文行家的看法, mine the market for 裡的for 應是搭配mine來看 , 還是搭配 market(xxx的市場)....

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    MINING 是採礦的意思. 除非還有上下文.


    mine 當採掘 SO, IT BECOME MINING啊

    mine the market for 裡的for 應是搭配mine


  • Anonymous
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    It should be "digging" or "developing".

    2005-03-21 23:14:23 補充:

    I agree with "tea cup".

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