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    He was generous in donating 1 million dollars to the school.

    Everybody thinks that she is a generous person.

    He is very dependable when it comes to meeting the deadline.

    A woman needs to find a dependable man if she wants to get married.

    Everybody thinks that she is a very talented acterss.

    The talented dancers showed everybody what she can do on stage.

    People in Southern California are usually more easygoing.

    An easygoing person handles pressure situation better than others.

    I offer my most sincere apology to you.

    He seems to be a very sincere person when he makes a speech.

    Shs shows that she has a lot of ambitions in her job.

    Ambitions can only be fulfilled with careful planning and execution.

    2005-03-20 22:35:16 補充:

    對不起,拼錯了,應該是Actress, 女演員。

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Being seen to be generous might mean an increased chance of receiving gifts in future or less chance of punishment.

    A generous slice of cake was given by Mary.

    Dependable Auto Shippers represents the highest quality and most reliable auto transport company in business today.

    and networks that are dependable and secure to the desired degree without compromising performance.

    An association of interested parents, educators, and concerned citizens dedicated

    to meeting the needs of talented and gifted children and youth.

    This told people that he was very talented and creative because he could shift

    from writing a tragedy play to writing a comedy play very easily.

    With an easygoing teacher who allowed extra time for assignments, Josh doesn't do homework on daily basis.

    Sandy has an easygoing attitude of life.

    Mark is sincere in his promise; hence, people trust him.

    Each and every sincere doubt is a potential for greater understanding.

    The original completion date was over-ambitious, so we have had to delay the opening by six months.

    Worldly ambitions lead a young boy, Pip, to abandon his true friends.

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