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classic/classical 有差別嗎


古典音樂用classical music


classic court dance/ classic style

She likes the classic style very much.

Lin Hwai-min studied classic court dance in Korea and Japan.





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    of the highest class;

    being a model of its kind;




    famous or well-known, especially as being traditional or typical

    (1) a "classic" suit

    It is beautiful in a very simple way and will always be fashionable.

    (2) a "classic" book

    It has been popular and had a lot of influence for a long time.

    (3) a "classic" example

    ---completely typical

    (4) a "classic" American wine

    ---of the highest class

    (5) a 1904 Ford Model T is a "classic" car

    ---well-known and well-loved


    following the original or traditional standard for something;

    relating to the art, literature and culture of the ancient Greeks and Romans, or their writers and artists;

    derived from or characteristic of the literary and artistic standards, principles and methods of the ancient Greeks and Romans;

    well versed in or devoted to Greek and Roman culture and literature.

    "classical" literature

    "classical" languages

    "classical" theory

    "classical" poetry

    a "classical" scholar

    a "classical" 18th century painting

    "classical" music---music written accroding to standard European forms or structures by people such as Mozart, Bach and Beethoven

    Hope that eliminates your doubt.

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    It's a grammar book written by two Americans.

    Source(s): World Talk, Common Errors in English From A to Z
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    A Do you like classical music? 你喜歡古典音樂嗎?

    B Yes, I like 5TH . Sinfonie very much. 我很喜歡命運交響曲

    It's a classic. 真的很經典

    這是一般最常用的分別 當然還是有些特例

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    classic 的用法

    1. 高級的(HIGH QUALITY) having a high quality or standard against which other things are judged.

    2. 傳統的(TRADITIONAL) having a simple, traditional style which is always fashionable(不退流行的)

    3. 典型的(TYPICAL) having all the characteristics or qualities that you expect.

    classical 的用法

    1. (CULTURE) belonging to or relating to the culture of ancient Rome and Greece. (指文化上的古典世界或文學)

    2. (MUSIC) describes music written in Europe between about 1750 and 1830. (指特定時期的音樂形式)

    3. (TRADICTIONAL) traditional in style or form, or based on methods developed over a long period of time. (如古典芭蕾,此意可與classic通用)

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    Classic 最優秀的 第一流的 典型的 經典的

    Classical 標準的 極好的 古典的 高雅的

    Classical and Classic "互為同義字"

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    classic 是名詞

    classical 是形容詞


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