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    給你我們班上的題目做參考, 加油^^

    1. Television is more harmful than beneficial to society

    2. War is never a solution to conflict

    3. Students should have the right to smoke in the classroom

    4. Young people should have the right to divorce their parents

    5. All privately owned firearms should be illegal

    6. Capital punishment should be restored in Australia

    7. Lefr-headed people should be made to use their right hand

    8. Women are superior to men

    9. Corporal punishment should be allowed in schools

    10. The driving age should be lowered to 15

    11. Students should be able to leave school at 14

    12. One year of army training should be a part of everyone's education

    13. The old have more to offer than the young

    14. Students should study fashion at school so that they don't become unknowing victims of it

    15. The computer is enslaving people not freeing them

    16. Experiments on animals should be illegal

    17. Writing is more important than speaking

    18. Mountain climbing should be banned

    19. Travel broadens the mind

    ** 我之前是選擇15

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    1. 我最討厭的一個老師

    2. 我最喜歡的一個老師

    3. 學生應不應該放棄母語用英文寫論文

    4. 論述- "老師當了我之後, 我將來會如何報答他"

    5. 上星期我看到老師和校長在酒店喝花酒之評論和動作指導

    6. 比較"氣球"及"XX套"的不同及使用報告

    Source(s): 我喜歡第3個
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