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    trans-acting factors對於cis-acting elements的作用, 稱為trans-acting. 可以控制基因的表現, 在基因表現的過程中, 會先由 transcription initiation complex的形成, transcription initiation complex包含promoter sequences和DNA binding proteins. 其中promoter sequences屬於該段欲表現的基因的一部份, 稱為cis-acitng element, 對於該基因的表現是必需的. 而可以與cis-acting elements結合的物質, 進而影響該基因表現的物質稱為trans-acting factors, 通常是一蛋白質, 由於負責此蛋白質的基因和cis-acting elements的基因位置不同, 所以才稱為trans-acting.

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    To summarize, cis- elements are present on the same strand as the gene they regulate whereas trans- elements can regulate genes distant from the gene they were transcribed from.

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