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門坎.所以學分不被一般大學承認. 先感謝剛剛那位回答的大大

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    2 decades ago
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    The funding and campus of the community college come from the local government. The administration is outsourced to a private agency. The more students, the more resources available. However, the community college is still not as resourceful as an ordinary university/college, and the teaching materials are not as advanced. Those who teach at the communicty college come from different backgrounds, apart from university lecturers, there are practitioners of various professions and skilled professionals. The purpose of the community college is to provide "university access to those who are interested in learning". There is no entry requirement and therefore the credit points are not recognized by ordinary universities/colleges.

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  • 2 decades ago

    With funds and campus provided by the local government, a community college is run by a private organization. That means with more students, the more resources would be available. Nevertheless, there are differences between the community college and the university/college, and the teaching materials in the community college are not as recondite and abstruse as other universities/colleges. The source of instructors at the community college is more versatile, which means not only instructors from a regular university, but also those professionals who came from different job fields and/or special talented master craftsmen could teach at the community college.

    The purpose of community college is that everybody is welcomed to learn something from a college, which in terms; no credit is acknowledged by any university/college since there are no limits for people to get in to the community college.

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