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英文TALK 和 SAY的用法?


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    1. I talk to/with John about the car accident. 我告訴約翰這件車禍。

    2. Don't talk about politics in class. 課堂上不要討論政治。

    talk about 討論

    talk over 研討

    money talks 金錢萬能

    talk (people) into + ving 說服

    talk (people) out of... 勸阻


    say 的用法:

    1. He says (to me): "I love you very much." 他對我說: 我愛你。

    =He tells me that he loves me very much.

    2. John, please say hello to your mother. 約翰,請向你的母親問候。

    3. My watch says four o'clock sharp. 我的錶四點整。

    4. The magazines say that there will be a serious storm in Taiwan. 雜誌寫著台灣將有嚴重的颱風。

    It goes without saying that 不用說

    It is said that 據說

    That is to say= in other words 也就是說

    What do you say to ving= what about = how about? 如何



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    Latte 說的不錯~可是如果要學這種相似意思的詞 還是多讀相同句子較好~


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    We talked to each other about it. 我們談了一下那件事

    I said to myself that I can do it. 我告訴我自己﹕我做的到﹗

    We talked about buying a car but he said he didn't want to spend too much money.


    You talked on my back. 你在我背後與人論我是非

    You said something about me. 你提到我


    Talk 是有互動的狀態下. 就算是 I talk to myself all the time. 也是指與自己的對話

    Say 是陳述事情 不一定有對答在其中

    像 You said I am beautiful. 你"說"我很漂亮

    You guys talked about how beautiful I am. 你們"討論"著我有多漂亮


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    "我升一級了加油吧" 謝謝你的贊同

    I agreed with you. 多舉例絕對對了解字義有幫助

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    Say 應該是你在對話中

    Talk 應該是你不在對話中,但你知道

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    TALK應該是有針對別人講的意思吧!!! he talk me........

    SAY應該是自已說! he say......


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