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    My country Taiwan is a comfortable country, first the simple introduction knew to you. My national - - - Taiwan, is a simple warm-hearted country, once Portugese is called by beautiful Taiwan, Taiwan was in the development country, emphasizes the democracy, Taiwan has many amusing places, for example: The young people like east the area, the west gate stare at, an indanthrene night of gentleman.... . Yilan's east mountains and rivers, Taitung's knowledge this hot spring, Ali Mountain's sunrise... These all are the amusing places, likes when I likes the Yilan seacoast, the afternoon, may with the surfing foreigner use some sound of flowing water English dialogues. Taiwan is a comfortable country, some opportunities hoped can a more detailed introduction know to you.

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  • 石川
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    你去問問看一個法國人,他是從哪裡來的?百分之九十他會說France而不是Republique Francais...同樣的,韓國人也會說他是"韓國"來的,而不是"大韓民國",同理可證,說我們的國家是"台灣"有什麼不對?這跟政治無關,而是純粹就語言表達方面來想;即使是大陸也不會說"I am from People's Republic of China",想想看那樣多累啊

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    My Country

    Taiwan is a very welcoming country, simply put.

    My country, Taiwan, is a simple and friendly place. It was once remarked, by the Portugese, as "Formosa" (a gorgeous island). Taiwan is a country in development that values democracy. There are many interesting places in Taiwan. For instance, many young people enjoy visiting the eastern parts of Taipei, Ximending, and the Shilin night market.

    More exotic tourist attractions include: a visit to the Don Shan River in Yilan, the famous Chi Ban Hotspring of Taitung, and viewing the sunrise on the Ali Mountain. I especially appreciate the Coast of Yilan, where i can engage in an intriguing conversation with the foreign surfers in simple English.

    All in all, Taiwan is a pleasant country. Hopefully, I will have chance in the future to tell you more about this magnificent country.

    Source(s): Me 'n' sister 'n' thesaurus
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  • 雨柔
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    My country

    Taiwan is a comfortable country, the simple is introduced to you known.

    My country - --Taiwan is an simple and enthusiastic country,called beautiful treasured island by Portuguese, Taiwan is a developing country, stressed democracy, there are a lot of interesting places in Taiwan, for example: Young people like east district , Ximen , Shilin a night market......

    Dong Shan river in Yilan , Ze Ber a hot spring of Taitung ,The sunrise in Alishan ....All these are the interesting place ,To me like the coast of Yilan, In the afternoon, I can use some simple English dialogues with foreigners surfing .

    Taiwan is a comfortable country, I can an opportunity to hope for more detailed introducing to you and knowing.

    Source(s): 亂寫的~~~~!!!
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    舉例你錯的地方~~ 第一句就錯了~兩個句子之間應該要加連接詞ㄚ"and"而且後半段真的蠻怪的..

    2005-03-15 23:44:47 補充:

    Taiwan is anice place.Allow me to introduce her to you in brief.

    My nation Taiwan,called Formosa by Potugese once,is a simple,warm-hearted country.And she is developing,and emphasizes the demcracy.

    2005-03-15 23:45:09 補充:

    Taiwan has many amusing places,for example,like Yilan's Dong Shan river,Taitung's Ty Been hot springs,and Ali Mountain where is known for sunrise.There all are fun places;as when afternoon,at the Yilan's beach,I enjoy in simple English talking to foreigners who enjoy surfing here.

    2005-03-15 23:45:20 補充:

    To be brief,Taiwan is really a nice country;I wish I would have more time to introduce her in detail to you.

    2005-03-15 23:46:55 補充:

    第一段修改一下:Taiwn is a nice..

    2005-03-15 23:49:52 補充:

    第三段也修改一下QQ: for example,like Yilan's Dong Shan river,Taitung's Jy Been hot springs(Ty改成Jy)

    2005-03-18 22:28:53 補充:


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