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    Where did mother go to? ? Pair of husbands and wives frequently quarrel, one day, two people also the economic problem quarrelled for the family in, because quarrels very much intensely, the husband as soon as under was mad takes up the water fruit knife, unexpectedly let slip the wife for kills. The husband secretly buries wife's corpse, after in order to fear the child goes home can ask mother's destination, he also thought of every means to think set of excuses. However first day past, second day past... Continuously arrives sixth days, the children had not all asked mother, he thought very strangely, finally bears asks the child: "Such many days have not seen mother, you all do not feel bad? Didn't you how all ask where mother did go to? "But unexpectedly the child full face puzzled looks at the daddy, said: "Cannot! ... Only is good is strange oh! The daddy, why do you want continuously to carry mother?"

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  • 2 decades ago

    Where is my mother?

    A couple often quarrel. One day, they quarreled about the money again. The husband killed the wife with a fruit knife accidentally and angrily because the disputation was too severe. The husband buried the wife's body secretly and was afraid child would mention about his mother after he get home, so the husband expended all his energy to figure out an excuse for his child. However, day after day, the child never ask about his mother. Until the sixth day, the husband feel strange a lot and finally cannot help asking the child "you have not seem your mother for a couple of days, don't you feel sad?? Why don't you ask where my mommy is?" Unexpectedly, child looked at his father with confusing face and said " NO!.......But, it's very odd, daddy. Why do you always carry mommy on the back?"

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    2 decades ago

    Where has Mommy been?

    A couple fights a lot. One day, they fought over the financial problem of the house. Due to the severe argument, out of rage, the husband took a fruit knife and accidentally killed his wife. He secretly buried her body. He spent lots of time coming up with a story because he was afraid that the kid might ask where mommy was. Day after day, up until the sixth day, the kid didn't even ask about mommy. He felt weird about it and finally he couldn't help but ask him, "Don't you feel sad that you haven't seen mommy for days? Why don't you ask where mommy is?". Surprisingly, the kid looked at him with confusion and said, "Not at all. But it's so odd....Daddy, why are you carrying Mommy the whole time?"

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    2 decades ago

    Where is my mother?

    A man and his wife always quarrel. One day, they quarrelled for the economic problem. The man killed his wife angrily and accidentally because they quarrelled violently.He buried his wife's corpse.He afraid that his child would ask where was his mother.He decided to lie to the child.

    A few days later until the sixth day,his child had not ask about his mother. The man feel very strange. He ask his child "Did you feel miserable for the missing of your mother? Why don't you ask wher is your mother?" To his father's surprise, his son said "NO, I didn't........But why are you carrying mum?"

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