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Both the staff and the families on Negros Island became dear friends of the work team I led. Meeting these people was wonderful for each of us. Their lifestyle reminded us of the meaning and value of life. The people also helped us appreciate the move valuable things in life, such as spending time with your family, friends and neighbors; developing close relationships; helping each other; and appreciating what you do have.

These things are sometimes forgotten in an affluent country like Japan.

We thought we came to the Philippines to help the Filipino people, but they helped us to see something valuable.

They generously offered thief food, space, and hearts in a way we were not accustomed to. (Would you give up your bed for a stranger and sleep on the cement floor at own house?)


拜託!! 謝謝.........

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    在黑人島上的職員和家庭變成工作的親愛朋友聯成一組我引導。 遇見這些人對我們每一個是令人驚奇的。 他們的生活方式使我們想起意義和生活的價值。 人也幫助我們感激生活的移動有價值的事物,像是和你的家庭,朋友和鄰居花費時間; 發展接近的關係;幫助彼此; 而且感激你確實有的。



    他們慷慨地在一定程度上提供了小偷食物,空間和心我們不習慣。 (你將會在自己的房子為在水泥上的陌生人和睡眠放棄你的床地板嗎?)

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