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    公司章程 = "articles of incorporation"; 也叫 "charter" 或是 "corporate charter"。


    articles of incorporation:

    The document that a firm files with state authorities when establishing a corporation. This document contains the firm's name and address, the type and amount of stock to be authorized and issued, the type of business activity, a delineation of corporate powers, and other information. Also called charter, corporate charter.

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    Article of Incorporation (AOI)公司章程


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    articles of association



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    article of incorporation


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    company regulation.===> 常在文章上看到


    Function: noun

    Date: 1665

    1 : the act of regulating : the state of being regulated

    2 a : an authoritative rule dealing with details or procedure <safety regulations>

    b : a rule or order issued by an executive authority or regulatory agency of a government and having the force of law


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