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    Business 鞅 is heavy among to use very much,practicing two times the political reform,making strong,for unify six countries to lay the good foundation in the days to come.Promote the political reform the initial stage,business 鞅 is afraid the common people do not believe the new method,hence figure out the strategy of"the 徙 wood signs the letter" then.He stands up a three high wood of the 丈s of root before south door,then pastes up to announce to hang to appreciate:If someone can move the north door to this wood, appreciate ten golds,the common people only feel strange,and no one dares the trial.Hence,business 鞅 issues order again appreciate the silver to add to 50 goldses,afterwards true someone makes the wood moving the north door to go to from the south door,business 鞅 also implements the promise,appreciating 50 golds to this person.This matter on spreading ten,ten spread 100,very fast get about the whole.The common people knows business 鞅 suits the action to the word,all daring not the new ordinance that doubt his promulgation,business the 鞅 political reform also can promote smoothly

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