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育醬~UJ asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


In this thesis, the feasibility of using rocking pier systems (RPS) for

seismic protection of bridges with slender piers is studied. Differing from

rigid body, the piers are flexible and therefore the flexural behavior of the

piers during rocking should be taken into consideration. In this study, the

nonlinear equation of motion of RPS is derived based on an energy approach and

numerical simulations are carried out extensively. Analytical results indicate

that seismic responses of the bridge can be significantly reduced through the

rocking mechanism provided by the RPS. The effectiveness of RPS for earthquake-

resistance of bridges is confirmed.

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  • 2 decades ago
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    在這篇論文裡,為橋的地震的保護用細長碼頭晃動碼頭系統(RPS)的使用的可行性被研究。 不同于剛體,那些碼頭靈活因此那些行為的那些碼頭的flexural在期間晃動應該被考慮。 在這研究內,RPS的運動的非線性方程式得到基于能源接近和數字類比被廣泛地進行。 分析的結果表明橋的地震的回應可能被顯著透過晃動RPS提供的機製降低。 橋的地震抵抗的RPS的效力被確認。

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  • 1 decade ago

    flexural 是什麼意思

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    在這份論文, 使用晃動的碼頭系統的可行性(RPS) 為橋梁的地震保護與苗條碼頭被學習。不同與剛體, 碼頭是靈活的並且因此碼頭的flexural 行為在晃動期間應該被考慮到。在這項研究中, RPS 的行動的非線性等式被獲得根據了能量方法並且數字模仿廣泛地被執行。分析結果表明, 橋梁的地震反應可能顯著被減少通過晃動的機制由RPS 提供。RPS 的有效率為橋梁地震抵抗被證實。

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