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不知道有沒有人能幫我推薦在德州(Houston or Dallas)不錯的學校?





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    I currently live in Dallas, Texas.

    I think the best Private University in Texas is Rice which resides in Houston TX, however, the tuition is really expensive without scholarship. In addition, it’s not easy to apply, unless your grade point average, and either GRE or GMAT is good enough.

    The well-known public university in Houston is University of Houston. I think they have one of the top Hotel and Management program in the US. The city of Houston was ranked the most “INEXPENSIVE” city for people to live last year. However, personally I don’t like traffic there , and people are driving crazy down there. A huge CHINA TOWN in Houston, and of course, if you are NBA fan of Yao Ming.

    Another good University in TEXAS is University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), it resides in Austin, TEXAS. They have one of top 25 business school in the nation. It’s a college town, 2 to 3 hours drive to Houston and Dallas. I would recommend you to apply this school for admission.

    Dallas~~~ where I currently reside. I am currently taking MBA program in University of Texas at Dallas, it's a mid-size university. Living cost here is good, however, life here is bored!! BUT, makes you ONLY concentrate in STUDYING!! Not a bad idea. There are two or three small China town. If you feel your English ability isn’t good enough you can attend or take some ESL classes in Community College. There are two major community colleges in Dallas area. 1. Dallas County Community College District, 2. Collin County Community College District. It depends on where you live and choose the closer one. Another 3 big well-known schools around Dallas is University of Texas at Arlington, University of North Texas, and SMU (private university, offered good business program)

    You come to the right place for learning more advance in Spanish!! Spanish is the second most use language in the state of Texas~!! According to the history, State of Texas used to be occupied by Mexicans, therefore there are still a lot of Mexicans living in the Texas. You can practice your Spanish on the daily basis.

    Anyways, good luck~~ if you need further information, e-mail me.

    2005-03-19 10:29:36 補充:

    有4~5年以上的工作經驗..... ???? that's not true.....

    2005-03-20 23:42:19 補充:

    check back with the webiste you provided again....

    does it say 4 to 5 years??

    I was there for Undergraduate as well.....

    2005-03-20 23:42:49 補充:

    Work Experience: Students are required to have at least two years of full-time work experience. This does not include working as student assistant (Teaching Assistant, Lab Assistant, Grader, etc).

    2005-03-24 00:19:12 補充:

    hehe...why you seem kinda mad?? calm down...i just pull that info from your or my school the can even take online MBA anyway now...and the requirement isn't that as strict as before...

    2005-03-24 00:19:21 補充:

    誤人子弟?? wow..don't be that Exaggerating!! 沒有真材實料?? how about you?? you make tons of money?? because of MBA?? remember..DELL isn't MBA...hehe

    Source(s): University of Houston: University of Texas at Austin: University of North Texas: University of Texas at Arlington: Southern Methodist University: University of Texas at Dallas: Collin County Community College: Dallas County Community College:
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    並不是說 因為現在有很多MBA的社會新鮮人

    我們就能說 這是對的 這才是現在的市場








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    eh..I don't think it got posted. So if I double post, then I apologize in advance.

    the trends of MBA are changing. The job market is down, so people are getting MBAs right after bachelors since they can't find a job. So the requirements regards for job experience and such are lower.


    2005-04-07 02:22:26 補充:

    MBA 是給那些在專業領域的工作上累積了一定的經驗..... 之後有機會晉升為主管的人讀的.....

    that is pretty big bullshit, seeing how many MBAs are still entering into entry level job. Apprently you have lost touch with the current market.

    2005-04-07 02:22:40 補充:

    anothing thing that you have stated wrong -

    Austin並不是在Houston and Dallas的中間好嘛... 一個往西 一個往北...差很多...請不要誤倒人家

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    德州最好的商學院研究所是 University of Texas at Austin..... 那個地方山明水秀的是小弟認為德州最有人文氣息的地方﹝也是德州首都﹞..... 地理位置約在houston跟dallas中間﹝houston開車大約2.5小時﹞..... 因為是州立大學..... 學費相較私立大學便宜的多..... 吃住也比其他大城市便宜..... 不過因為UT Austin的商學院研究所排名粉前面所以不好進去ㄡ.....

    其他建議可以讀的商學院:University of Houston, Rice University﹝錢太多沒地方花才考慮﹞, University of Texas at Dallas, University of Texas at Arlington, Texas A&M..... 這幾家之外小弟認為就..... 嗯..... 啊..... 不好意思批評啦.....

    關於西班牙文呢..... 德州南面墨西哥..... 所以有好多好多好多墨西哥人..... 掃廁所的歐巴桑都是講西班牙文的..... 呵呵呵呵.....

    給你一個衷心的建議..... 不要急著大學畢業就出去讀MBA..... 國外的好的MBA通常需要你有4~5年以上的工作經驗..... 還要有上司的推薦信等等..... 再等一下吧.....

    2005-03-19 14:03:35 補充:

    請注意.... 我是說『好的MBA』.... dear michael, i gradulated from UT Austin, i know school's admission criteria.... take a look at school's class profile and then u tell me 4~5 years of working experiences ain't ture....

    2005-03-23 01:25:31 補充:

    michael..... 我是UT Austin畢業的MBA..... 你是嗎? 告訴你..... MBA 是給那些在專業領域的工作上累積了一定的經驗..... 之後有機會晉升為主管的人讀的..... 因為要晉升為主管..... 所以要開始學習管理、會計、財務等等..... 試問一個沒有工作經驗的人去學習如何去管理他人、管理一個部門、甚至是一間公司..... 這樣合理嗎? MBA重視同學與同學之間的經驗分享..... 不是每天抱著課本去聽教授講課..... 搞清楚『研究所』三個字的真諦..... 不要這樣隨便『誤人子弟』.....

    2005-03-23 01:25:46 補充:

    還有..... 如果真的2年工作經驗就夠了的話..... 為什麼UT Austin學生的平均工作時間是4年呢? 很簡單,因為學校好..... 申請的人多..... 所以挑學生也嚴格.....只有2年工作經驗的人根本進不來..... 有例外嗎? 當然有..... 我班上就有人的 last name 是 dell..... 完全沒有工作經驗..... 但是那畢竟是少數啊.....

    沒有真材實料就不要惡意的批評..... 只會玩文字遊戲的話..... 會貽笑大方的.....

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