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Victoria asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

廿四節氣的英文?? (急!!!)

廿四節氣的英文?? (急!!!)Thanks a lot !!

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    2 decades ago
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    1.春分 Vernal equinox

    2.清明 Pure Brightness

    3.穀雨 Sixth solar term

    4.立夏 Beginning of Summer

    5.小滿 Grain Full

    6.芒種 Ninth solar term

    7.夏至 Summer solstice

    8.小暑 Slight Heat

    9.大暑 Great Heat

    10.立秋 Beginning of Autumn

    11.處暑 Heat's End

    12.白露 White Dew

    13.秋分 Autumnal equinox

    14.寒露 Cold Dew

    15.霜降 Hoar frost descending

    16.立冬 Beginning of winter

    17.小雪 20th solar term

    18.大雪 Heavy snow

    19.冬至 Winter solstice

    20.小寒 Slight Cold

    21.大寒 Great Cold

    22.立春 Spring beginning

    23.雨水 Rain water

    24.驚蟄 Insects Awaken

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  • 2 decades ago

    春分 Vernal equinox 清明 Pure Brightness 穀雨 Sixth solar term

    立夏 Beginning of Summer 小滿 Grain Full 芒種 Ninth solar term

    夏至 Summer solstice 小暑 Slight Heat 大暑 Great Heat

    立秋 Beginning of Autumn 處暑 Heat's End 白露 White Dew

    秋分 Autumnal equinox 寒露 Cold Dew 霜降 Hoar frost descending

    立冬 Beginning of winter 小雪 20th solar term 大雪 Heavy snow

    冬至 Winter solstice 小寒 Slight Cold 大寒 Great Cold

    立春 Spring beginning 雨水 Rain water 驚蟄 Insects Awaken

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