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pigeonhole or stereotype

the word choice:pigeonhole/stereotype

How to use these two words properly?

Does the following statement sound ok ?

I used to pigeonhole those who studied abroad for a period of time could definitely speak fluent English.But later I've learned that it was not ture.


It seems that the definition of the word pigeonhole is controversial.I amt not sure which one is correct but

文心雕龍's explanation is close to my understanding.

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    I disagree with JJ~~


    pigeonhole has another definition:

    put in broad category: to categorize somebody or something without a great deal of thought

    stereotype :

    reduce to oversimplified categories: to categorize individuals or groups according to an oversimplified standardized image or idea

    So these 2 words are similar and their meanings can be overlapping, but perhaps different in usage.

    Therefore for the sentence you mentioned in ur question...I prefer using pigeonhole.

    ...because you didn't give much thought about them, so you could only "pigeonhole" those who studied abroad.

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    Source(s): Encarta Dictionary
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    These two words are totally different.

    Pigeonhole means a small box with opening where documents or small objects could be placed in. It's like each little pigeon has a hole to got in, so do your letters and documents.

    Stereotype means you type cast someone. For instance a lot of Americans stereotype the Australians in the shape of the Crocadial Dundee, where in fact, most Australians are not like him. Another example will be people's idea towards gay as sisy, into body building etc.

    So for your sentence, using the word stereotype is correct.

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