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如題 美國的陪審團是怎麼選,公正嗎(因為看了失控的陪審團)?

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    Here is some answer from Delaware state court!

    How are jurors selected?

    Superior Court draws jurors from two source files: Voter's Registration and Licensed Drivers. The names of all residents in your county who either vote or drive are compiled by a computer in the State's Office of Information Systems in Dover, Delaware. If you both vote and drive, you still should only be on the list once because the computer eliminates duplicate names. Only about 5% of Delaware's population do not vote or drive.

    Why can't the Court just use volunteer jurors, or people who are retired, or not working?

    The Court is unable to accept volunteer jurors because, by Delaware law, jurors' names must be randomly selected from the Motor/Voter lists. Additionally, Delaware law mandates that the Court's jurors be representative of the community in which they live. To use only retired or unemployed people as jurors would be against the law.

    How will I know if I have been randomly selected to be a juror?

    You will receive a Summons from the Court, through the regular, first-class mail, to appear for jury duty. The summons will tell you, among other things, what date you are to report, the time you are to appear, and the Court's policy concerning requests for excuse or postponement. The summons is the only notice you will receive, so be careful not to lose it, you'll need the information on it.

    What should I do if I get a summons in the mail?

    Please read your summons carefully and be sure to fill out the Qualification Questionnaire attached to the summons. You must answer every question. Questions concerning race, employment, etc., are not asked because we are nosy, but because we compile statistics from this information to ascertain that our jurors are, indeed, representative of the community. Your social security number is for the Court's use only; we must have a person's social security number in order to reimburse any jury fees owed that person. No one else has access to this information. When you have completed your Questionnaire, detach it from the summons (keep the top half so you'll have the necessary information), and mail it back to the Court in the self-addressed envelope that came with the summons

    How do I get excused or postponed from jury duty?

    First, you must return your completed Qualification Questionnaire, along with your written request for excuse or postponement. Please read your summons for additional information. If you still have questions, please call the Jury telephone number listed for your county: (click on county)

    New Castle County Jury Services Office: 302.255.0824.

    Kent County Office of the Prothonotary: 302.739.3184, Ext. 116.

    Sussex County Office of the Prothonotary: 302.856.5740.

    No request for excuse or postponement will be acted upon without a completed Qualification Questionnaire returned to the Court.

    How much will I get paid to be on jury duty?

    Jurors are not paid, but they are reimbursed for some of the expenses they incur as a result of jury duty. The reimbursement rate is $20 a day. In New Castle County, if you are not selected for a trial, or only serve on a trial lasting one day, you will not receive reimbursement for this service. Jurors selected for trial lasting more than one day will be reimbursed after the initial day of service. Jurors in Kent and Sussex counties receive the $20 a day reimbursement for every day they are required to report for jury service during their two-week term.

    What happens if I just don't show up for my jury duty?

    If you fail to appear for jury duty, you'll receive a postcard in the mail telling you that you missed your summons date and that you should call the Court. If you call the Court, all will be well, and you'll simply be assigned another date to appear. If you fail to appear for the second time, the court will have a Deputy Sheriff serve a summons to you at your house. If you fail to appear again, a Deputy Sheriff will then serve you with a Rule to Show Cause, where you must come before a judge of Superior Court to explain why you did not report for jury duty as summoned. The judge could fine you as much as $50, and imprison you up to three days. If your fail to appear for the Rule to Show Cause, a civil capias is issued.

    If I report as summoned, and complete my term of jury service, how long will it be before I have to serve again as a juror?

    Jurors who have completed their term of service do not have to serve again for a minimum of two years. Should you get another summons within two years of serving (you shouldn't but if your name or address changes, it is possible), please note when you served on the Qualification Questionnaire, and asked to be excused for previous service.

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