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請幫忙英翻中 ,最用心翻譯文章者,給予20點獎勵!

注意!這是篇有關人力資源管理的文章!不要隨便用翻譯軟體翻一翻就放上來喔!用翻譯軟體翻的,就不用了!我可是會生氣的喔!>_<有些maybe是專有名詞,翻的時候,也請您注意囉!謝謝您!第一部份What Do You Do with a Blocker?J.T Bingham, vice president for personnel for CLW Industries, turned to Frank Wilkins, president of the company, and fumed, “What are we going to do with Jim Walters? He’s constantly in the way of our developing new managers. We simply can’t give new people that kind of training  any where else. Without those new people with fresh ideas, we’re not going to remain at the top of our industry for long. ”Frank, after contemplation, replied, “Yes, but Jim has been with this company for almost 20 years. He helped make it what it is today and, with his health, he’s got at least another 15 or so good years of service left. It doesn’t seem fair that his reward should be forced retirement or a demotion.”第二部份    To this J.T. replied, “Do we really have any other choice—and be sides, hasn’t he forced us to it?And he would get a generous pension.”    Jim walters really was the best plant manager that the company ever had. He knew the precision forging business inside and out, having come up through the ranks. He had started out with a degree from a technical institute and had gone on to get a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business at a nearby college. In the meantime, he had moved from worker to foreman to supervisor, then through several other supervisory and staff positions to his present job.CLW Industries was a two-plant operation, with a separate national headquarters and a total employment of about 2,000 employees. Jim’s plant was the larger of the two and the more important.

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    CLW工業的人事副主任J.T Bingham轉頭面向公司的總裁Frank Wilkins, 並吐了一口煙說道:"我們該怎麼處理Jim Walters呢?他總是讓我們無法培訓新的經理, 這樣我們就不能像別的地方一樣讓新人接受訓練, 沒有那些新人就沒有創新的想法, 我們很可能未來不能在這一行中保持龍頭地位. " Frank在沉思了一會後,回道:"恩, 是的,可是Jim幾乎這二十年都一直在這個公司, 有他, 公司才有現在的規模. 而且, 以他的健康狀況來看,他還有十五到二十年的服務年限, 如果強迫他退休或降級對他似乎不大公平."


    對於這一點 J.T回答道: "難道我們還有別的選擇嗎? 這難道不是他強迫我們這樣做的嗎? 況且他將會得到一筆可觀的退休金."

    Jim walters其實是這個公司創建以來最好的工廠經理. 他對精鑄工業瞭若指掌,並且從基層慢慢爬升. 他原本是從一家科技學院畢業, 卻繼續在鄰近的大學就學得到了商業上的學士及碩士學位. 同時 他也從工人變成工頭/領班, 進而變成管理者的工作,然後在做過好幾次監督者及職員的工作後升到目前的職位 . CLW 工業有兩個廠房, 並且國內有獨立的總公司 員工總數約兩千人. Jim負責的廠房是其中較大且較重要的.

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    1. 阻擋之物或人


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